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Can nausea in the mornings be caused by something other than pregnancy?

You have have either acid reflux or sinus drainage! See a doctor and he can give you medication for both! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Fred Reply:

    A woman who's been pregnant before with no nausea should therefore suspect that her new morning nausea may be caused by something other than Source:

  2. Camellia Reply:

    firstly, i know i do need to do a pregnancy test, and i will. also, i don’t know if this goes here or in slr. for the past week i have found it incredibly

  3. Hayley Reply:

    There are many illnesses. Being hungover from alcohol is one or the flu. Source:

  4. Nan Reply:

    Consuming the desired food is important for your health. You can try supplementing your diet with acai berry, it is not solely a widely tested and acknowledged weight loss product, it is a superfood too. There’s a risk free trial on offer a… Source:

  5. Francisca Reply:

    There could be a lot of things that cause nausea, pregnancy as you said is definitely the first thing I would look for… maybe your stomach is too empty when you wake up and your just hungry… maybe you have a bladder or kidney infection … Source:

  6. Xiomara Reply:

    I need a miracle cure for of is stress that can 3-4 years,…. and only reason I know unending nausea, not caused by pregnancy? Off and on nausea for’t be changed (caretaker).

  7. Lina Reply:

    Its brilliant, and sad! I have suffered from depression all my life and was bullied at school! Some typos!!!FAT ANND UGLY = FAT AND UGLY! 2010 Phoebe = 2010, Phoebe! Standing at 6’3 = Standing at 6 3I would also use separate paragraphs for each victim, to make them stand out more!Well done!

  8. Suzanna Reply:

    Yes, nausea and even vomiting in the mornings can be caused by other things. Try to eat something every two or three hours during the day. Another cause of morning sickness when not pregnant can be acid reflux disease, also known as

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