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Can too much sugar cause acid reflux?

Yes, one of the main causes of acid reflux is sugar as well as spicy foods, vitamins and tomato based products just to name a few! If you have too much of sugar ! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. john gorton Reply:

    can not eatting cause acid reflux

  2. Aybars Reply:

    Your body is genetically prrgaomed to create too much acid, or you ate a very spicy meal. Keep a supply of calcium, or other anti-acids, on hand for immediate relief from such moments. Also, many generic acid blocker drugs are available OTC now and can be taken before the evening meal to stop this problem all night. If it gets worse, or won’t go away, see a doc for a proton pump inhibiting drug. That will really work.

  3. Cathrine Reply:

    Acid reflux can feel like a burning sensation from the stomach through the upper chest and esophagus. however, avoid eating too much of it and try to wean yourself away from sugar of any kind. Can Sinus Drainage Cause Acid Reflux? Source:

  4. Corrie Reply:

    Apr 25, 2009 Find out how a few simple strategies can eliminate your problem for good. Typically, acid reflux is thought to be caused by having too much acid foods and sugars is a surefire way to exacerbate acid reflux as it will upset

  5. Patrina Reply:

    Acid reflux disease is caused by the acid escaping out of the stomach through the pyloric valve into the esophagus. This causes the acid to erode the esophagus. Source:

  6. Adeline Reply:

    Foods that cause acid reflux is mainly spicy or acidic items like oranges or tomatoes and even coffee can cause acid reflux. Try to not over eat and allow time before going to sleep after eating. Source:

  7. Suzy Reply:

    Acid reflux can be caused by many things. To much acid in your body is one cause. The stomach has acid that backs up to the esophagus. This acid can damage your esophagus. You can find more information here:… Source:

  8. Ocie Reply:

    acid reflux-yougurt? question about for acid reflux and i love to eat friendly food and yogurt.. can anyone help? i suffer from acid reflux salads but the dressings make me si

  9. Mina Reply:

    Yes acid reflux can really hurt i have had it since i was 13 and i am 20 now i would have sharp pains in my stomach and chest and i went to the hospital alot before i knew it was acid reflux because i thought i was having a heart attack it sucks i know but some meds are great for that but i really didnt find one that was great but change the way you eat and it should get better in time i did for me at least and i hope it does for you GOD BLESS :]

  10. Beula Reply:

    At one point it was believed peptic ulcers were caused by stress, too much coffee, What does sugar cause? Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

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