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Does acid reflux make you throw up bile?

Throwing up bile could be bile reflux! Bile reflux and acid reflux often go hand-in-hand, occurring together, which is why bile reflux is often overlooked! Unlike acid reflux, however, it will often cause stomach pain (gastritis)! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gabriella Reply:

    How Do I Know If I Am Spitting Up Bile or If it Is Acid Reflux? Although testing is the only way to be sure whether you have acid reflux, bile reflux or some combination, both can lead to potentially Why Does My Dog Keep Throwing Up Yellow Bile? Understanding the difference between the two can help patients. Source:

  2. Karyl Reply:

    Dec 27, 2006 Medically speaking, when you vomit, it’s also called emesis. slimy stomach mucus, saliva, stomach acids and other chemicals that help you digest food. That nasty smell can also be blamed on bile and stomach acids.

  3. Zoe Reply:

    you are making it a little more complicated when you say that abd surgery induced the B12 deficiency… the majority of pernicious anemia patients do not have the gastritis that can be associated with it, but you are right, some do, but per… Source:

  4. Adrien Reply:

    Bile is a secretion of your liver. This is supposed to work in your small intestine to help in breaking down and absorption of fatty food items in to human body. In a similar way the stomach acids are kept inside your stomach by the valve e… Source:

  5. Chassidy Reply:

    The symptoms of heartburn, such as a burning sensation in the throat or pain in the upper abdomen, are commonly caused by acid reflux, where acids escape the stomach and are regurgitated through the esophagus. Less common is bile reflux, wh… Source:

  6. Matha Reply:

    Acid Reflux Or Bile Reflux? I was recently reading online stomach in the morning could that the burning in my be because of bile reflux, not acid reflux. This worries me becau

  7. Raquel Reply:

    Have you talked with your parents about this?? Also,this may sound strange, but do you have diabetics in your family?? You may want to a blood test with your doctor! OR you may being having allergic reation to your BCP?? I hope you feel better:)

  8. Shavonda Reply:

    While vomiting can help, it can also be a bit harmful. Usually when you have acid reflux so badly, you'll vomit bile (which is practically just acid from your

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