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Does pickle juice help heartburn?

Dill pickle juice is a fast remedy for heartburn and acid reflux! When heartburn strikes, try taking a few sips of pickle juice! The juice should help balance the pH in the stomach, calming acid reflux! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Winnie Reply:

    Dill pickle juice is another fast remedy for heartburn and acid reflux. When heartburn Barley grass, chlorella and wheat grass can all help with heartburn pain. Source:

  2. Tamisha Reply:

    Sep 6, 2011 Heartburn is the burning and painful sensation of acid coming back up drinking dill pickle juice or eating dill pickles to help relieve the pain

  3. Jenette Reply:

    Pickle juice contains ingredients similar to isotonic sports drinks: Salt, calcium chloride and vinegar. Source:

  4. Rebecca Reply:

    Pickle juice is very high in electrolyte content, which your body loses when you are heavily exercising. Cramps are caused by dehydration in the muscles and the electrolytes in the pickle juice help to stop the dehydration. Source:

  5. Norine Reply:

    The use of pickle juice as a defense against muscle cramps caused from strenuous exercise. Thanks! Source:

  6. Vanessa Reply:

    does any1 know any recipes calling if drinking pickle juice can for pickle juice (dill pickle juice)? and also does any1 know help you loose weight

  7. Jayme Reply:

    i had horrible heart burn with my 1st pregnancy and i would drink a big glass of milk befor ei went to bed and it always helped me also i would prop myself up mor ein bed with pillows so i wasnt lying flat

  8. Elenora Reply:

    Why does pickle juice help heartburn? Answer It! Does pickle juice help to clean out the body? No, this Can drinking pickle juice help you pass a drug test ?

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