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Does the esophagus heal itself?

If there is an minor injury to the esophagus it could heal on it’s own! If the damage is from acid reflux disease, medication and a diet change may be in order! A doctor would be able to diagnose and treat the problem! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Cecille Reply:

    Not only will it help Barrett's Esophagus, it will increase your overall health. Drinking lots of water–at least eight cups a day–helps the body rid itself of toxins and Source:

  2. Rubi Reply:

    Feb 26, 2008 And it can naturally heal every part of itself (except the teeth so you heal the LES and esophagus which will cure acid reflux permanently.

  3. Anisa Reply:

    Acid reflux is more than just heartburn and a burning throat. The acid that enters the esophagus also damages the lining, resulting in inflammation and damage. Untreated damage to the esophagus eventually leads to Barrett’s esophagus, a ser… Source:

  4. Sharee Reply:

    Barrett’s esophagus is a condition in which the cells in the lining of the lower esophagus change shape or color, typically due to continuous exposure to stomach acid. According to the NDDIC (National Digestive Disease Information Clearingh… Source:

  5. Anastasia Reply:

    Your body usually signals for increased blood flow to the vessels around the injured part of the skin. The increased blood flow helps to aide the healing. Source:

  6. Kandy Reply:

    burnt esophagus heal time? how long does a burnt esophagus from heart burnt take to heal.

  7. Kaylee Reply:

    The acid reflux medication should only be taken for 14 days, 8 weeks at the most! In my opinion, never but lol hey they prescribe it like candy! Major cause for reflux is LOW stomach acid and lack of digestive enzymes in the diet! Other causes are H Pylori bacteria, hiatus hernia, obesity, pregnancy, diabetes, hypothyroidism and asthma! If all other causes have been eliminated, then you could try taking digestive enzyme supplements with each meal (these can be purchased at health food stores)! You can also try apple cider vinegar!!an old remedy passed on (this also helps with digestion and improving acid)! All cooked foods have no digestive enyzmes so increasing raw foods in the diet is benefical! The everyone has high stomach acid myth is still going around to sell drugs! The body can heal itself, but not while taking acid lowering drugs!Dangers of acid blockers:http://refluxdefense!com/heartburn_GERD_articles/side-effects-antacids-and-acid-blockers!htmlDigestive enzymes:http://www!gillianmckeith!info/yourbody/health/digestivedisorders/gillianmckeithdigestiveenzymes!phphttp://h-pylori-symptoms!com/heartburn-is-not-caused-by-excess-acid/http://www!healingdaily!com/detoxification-diet/enzymes!htm

  8. Marquetta Reply:

    Squamous cell carcinoma can develop at any point along the esophagus but is . not cure esophageal cancer, but pre-operative treatments can shrink tumors and . present itself almost daily, and is worsened by swallowing any form of food.

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