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How come when I lay down my cough gets worse?

Coughs are worse at night because you’re horizontal! Gravity doesn’t help keep the phlegm down deep, so even shallow breaths irritate the lungs! Night coughing can also be casued acid reflux aggravated by lying down! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carrol Reply:

    Your cough may be worse when you lie down due to congestive heart disease, left ventricle heart disease Why Is My Dog Coughing & Drinking Lots of Water? Source:

  2. Dessie Reply:

    But the minute I lay down, I start coughing like crazy. Sometimes I cough up some . when i lay down? Why does my cough get worse at night?

  3. Jani Reply:

    That sounds like classic pnumeania. If the cough is your main complaint, it must be very mild. What’s happening, probably, is that mucus in your lungs sit at the bottom, but when you lay down, it spreads out over your lungs, because liquid … Source:

  4. Nannette Reply:

    Acid reflux acts up worse when you lay down, which is why breathing and coughing is worse at night. Source:

  5. Madge Reply:

    Because your breathing is affected when you lay down Source:

  6. Emerald Reply:

    why is my cough worse when i lay down? i’ve had a cold for about a sore throat and a 2 weeks now. the first couple days was headache then it moved down to my chest. lots of

  7. Desirae Reply:

    I had a cold like this a few weeks ago!!So take a day or two off work/school and just sit at home, watch tv, sleep (a lot), and eat/drink a lot! Drink tea (peppermint or chamomille is the best I find)! Blow your nose like a mad man, and buy some tissues that have lotion included (we have some in the us)! Buy some cream (its called Vicks in the us) that has *menthol and eucalyptus* and it helps with the sore throat and its calming! You can also take a really hot and steamy shower to clear your nasal passage and open up your chest! Or you could risk getting a sinus infection! For sleeping- prop your head up and do all the previous steps!

  8. Idell Reply:

    It depends on the context, because lay is a transitive verb, referring to a direct object, while lie is an intransitive verb, referring to the subject. Lay means "to put or

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