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How does smoking a cigarette effect acid reflux?

There are several ways smoking affects acid reflux! For instance, smoking stimulates the production of stomach acid! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jeniffer Reply:

    In fact, cigarettes are proven to contribute to many digestive problems such as heartburn, ulcers and Crohn's disease. Does Smoking Cause Acid Reflux? Source:

  2. Hilde Reply:

    Only the effects of smoked tobacco have been seriously studied on GERD "But I would worry that anything with nicotine would increase the risk of acid reflux." Cheskin says that cutting out tobacco will almost certainly ease heartburn

  3. Julian Reply:

    Be absolutely sure that you are ready to quit smoking, you have to do it for yourself or it is a lost cause. Once you have decided you truly want to quit you are ready to take action. Research online for any medications available that could… Source:

  4. Tammera Reply:

    Change Your Diet. Eating foods that are more naturally alkaline as opposed to acid can help return the ph of the digestive system to a more neutral state. Recommended alkaline foods would include: Ginger root, fennel seed, herbal teas, non-… Source:

  5. Jutta Reply:

    Smoking Increases Stomach Acid Acid reflux occurs when the stomach produces acid during digestion and this acid is sent into the esophagus. This causes a burning feeling in the throat or chest. Smoking can exacerbate acid reflux because it … Source:

  6. Carolyne Reply:

    Does Vaporizing THC effect GERD/Acid Reflux the same as smoking severe GERD. I had an endoscopy and it? I have been diagnosed with several ulcers were found throughout my low

  7. Connie Reply:

    *hugs* Do you have records of your healthcare?? Just take it to him and hell look at it and will be more willing to believe you! Also get a second, third, fourth opinion! Eventually, a doctor will listen! I live in Canada too :) Thank God for free healthcare!

  8. Bambi Reply:

    The cigarette (similar to drinking water) will make the hunger pang go away for a short acids are high and may cause stomach cancer to ulcers and acid reflux. Smoking when hungry also can cause harmful effects on the kidney and liver.

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