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If Everytime after I eat I feel nauseated why is this?

Possibly eating too much, gallbladder problems, anxiety, or acid reflux! Try taking two Tums before eating and speak to an MD! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Vickey Reply:

    Did you ever eat something for dinner, thinking it tasted pretty good — just to realize a little If you're chronically nauseous after eating, that's also something to be concerned about. Why Do I Always Feel Hungry Even After Eating a Meal ? Source:

  2. Martin Reply:

    Why do i feel nauseated after i eat????? Everytime I eat i fell like i am going to throw up. And I have a constent lower back pain on the right side

  3. Genevive Reply:

    There could be a number of reasons that cause nausea after you eat. It could be from over-eating, ulcers, IBS, food allergies, viruses, bacteria, parasites or even pregnancy. If your symptoms are persistent, worsen or are accompanied by fev… Source:

  4. Katherine Reply:

    There are several medical conditions that can cause you to feel sick after eating. To get the right diagonis you will need to consult your Doctor. Source:

  5. Sydney Reply:

    If you are tired after a meal it might be because you are diabetic. Your doctor can preform basic blood work to determine if you have diabetes. Early detection is key in combating this disease. You can find more information here: http://www… Source:

  6. Shawana Reply:

    I’m really hungry, but when I eat I feel nauseated? I’m female, 16, almost 17. I get really, really hungry to the point where I feel like I might pass out (which is weird cau

  7. Bess Reply:

    One of the most common reasons of nausea after eating is the food content! Certain ingredients in the food do not suit some people and cause improper digestion! It may happen that the food may just not agree to their digestive system! Nausea is also caused due to food poisoning or allergy-causing foods!Eating food hastily or gulping down the food contribute to the feeling of nausea after eating! Getting used to heavy, rich and fatty meals can tend to make people nauseous after meals! Taking meals too frequently or keeping long intervals between meals also cause nausea in some people! Improper eating habits have been known to be the common cause, apart from causes like viral gastroenteritis and pregnancy!Chronic nausea after eating is a matter of great concern, and something to be immediately attended to! As mentioned earlier, frequent nausea may indicate some acute medical disorder that is affecting your body! So it is not considered wise to take matters in your own hand and wait till they get worse! Immediate medical attention can help to lessen your anxiousness and ensure quick relief from this disorder of nausea after eating! I got this info from:

  8. Marta Reply:

    I feel nauseous everytime i eat could i be pregnant? Improve . Could you be pregnant if feel nauseous after everything you eat? This is a pregnancy symptom,

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