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Is eating orange peels good for you?

No, they may cause ulcers and acid reflux! Drying out the peel for 2 weeks, it can then be used for Orange Peel Tea, curing gas! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Debera Reply:

    When you eat a juicy orange you typically toss away the peel, unaware of its health It makes good bug and cat repellent and is a useful cleanser and deodorizer. Source:

  2. Zulma Reply:

    No, they may cause ulcers and acid reflux. Drying out the peel for 2 weeks, it can then be used for Orange Peel Tea, curing gas.

  3. Chrissy Reply:

    Eating an orange peel can be healthy as it contains some nutrients. However, it may be dangerous because of the pesticides on the skin. If you crave orange peel or have an addiction to it, it could be a sign of anemia. Source:

  4. Lindy Reply:

    Cut off both ends of the orange, down past the white. Run a knife, down the sides in strips about 1/2 inch apart, all around the orange. Then just peel back the strips. Source:

  5. Justin Reply:

    I Think its the Vitamin C Source:

  6. Glory Reply:

    I don’t do this, but I know someone who occasionally eats part of the orange peel–maybe a fourth of it. It just doesn’t seem right to me. What do you think? Does anyone else

  7. Sherly Reply:

    You can eat orange peels – in fact, many recipes call for grated orange peel! Be sure to wash them thoroughly with soap and water! Whether there is much nutrition, I dont know, but there certainly is roughage!

  8. Cherelle Reply:

    yes because it is vitamin rich and is a good source of protein after a woorkout. It is possible to eat a lemon peel, so you can eat orange peels. Orange peels

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