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Is it bad to lie down after eating?

Lying down after eating is associated with acid reflux disease which can lead to serious problems! Do the ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Saran Reply:

    into the esophagus. This acid can leave a bitter taste in the mouth and can cause bad breath. Do not lie down immediately after eating either. Try to remain Source:

  2. Michaele Reply:

    Yes it is. Lying down after a full stomach will give you horrible heartburn. Been there, done that.

  3. Milissa Reply:

    Actually, it is not. Only in the USA is that practice frowned upon. In Mexico and further south, workers take lunch and their culture permits about two or three hours of "siesta." That’s a nap. In Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, et al.), some… Source:

  4. Iona Reply:

    Break up Pain. Try to manage break up pain by exercising and staying busy. Do everything on your list that brings you closer to your goals. Food Storage. Do not buy foods that you gravitate towards. For example , avoid buying whole cakes, l… Source:

  5. Song Reply:

    Taking a short walk or being upright helps your body digest the food you just ate. Lying down may cause you to have reflux (stomach acid comes up into the esophagus) or heart burn. If you must lie down, laying on your left side is somewhat … Source:

  6. Leoma Reply:

    Is it bad for you to lie down right after eating strange or stupid but I? Some might find this question would like to know..Is it bad to lie down right after eating? I’ve hear

  7. Chere Reply:

    Yes! It leads to acid reflux disease! Then comes Prilosec!Nowone is stupid! Its being un-informed! }:-})

  8. Jaquelyn Reply:

    Same reason as most animals lay down after eating, it aids digestion. Why is it bad for a horse to lay down? It's not bad if they're laying down for a short period of

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