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Is it bad to put a lot of pepper on your food?

The worst it can do is give you some stomach irritation and perhaps a light acid reflux reaction! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Emogene Reply:

    Freezing is another way to keep food for longer period without it going bad. Put the two methods together and you have a great way to make your foods last as Source:

  2. Prudence Reply:

    I put polysporin oinment over the area and sprinkle a lot Health Benefits · What’s Your Favorite Breakfast Food? pepper · black pepper bad for you · black pepper benefits

  3. Melonie Reply:

    pepper. sometimes i skip the salt, but either way, i taste it first before salting it. Source:

  4. Janelle Reply:

    Because they use up a lot of energy training, like a race engine running at full throttle. If they weren’t training they’d get fat like every body else. Source:

  5. Soraya Reply:

    thats simple it is food chain… Source:

  6. Jonelle Reply:

    Is eating a lot of black on 2 meal a day pepper and hot sauce bad tablespoon of black pepper on for you? my girlfriend eat almost 3 her food everyday and almost. She also add

  7. Anjelica Reply:

    I recommend diets made of 25%-30% meat, 25%-30% carbohydrates, and 40%-50% vegetables for dogs! Chicken, beef, lamb, and even fish can be used as the meat component! The carbohydrate source can be rice, potatoes, pasta, or sweet potatoes! Just about any vegetable can be included! My favorites are carrots, broccoli, corn, peas, and beans! For my dog, I cook up a large batch and freeze portions for the upcoming week! I add vitamins and minerals to the diet along with fatty acids so that deficiencies wont occur!

  8. Kemberly Reply:

    Garlic is very good for lots of ailments. It "cleans" your body, and that of animals, of many harmful things and keeps one healthy. I put them in my dogs food or just in a bowl and they go crazy over them, but that is more for Freshly ground cloves, Wormwood, and cayenne pepper ground small enough to put in capsules

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