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Is laying down bad for your digestion?

Stop eating at least two or three hours before lying down to help reduce acid reflux while sleeping! Also try putting blocks under the head of your bed to raise it at least 4 to 6 inches! This helps keep your stomach’s contents down! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jayna Reply:

    People have always linked nighttime snacks and bad sleep experiences. Maybe, a simple change in the way you lay down at night could mean a better night's Sleeping on your stomach may be the best position for nighttime digestion. Source:

  2. Lester Reply:

    Bad digestion with its excessive gas and burping is another plague of the elderly. If your elderly loved one has a red-looking mouth or throat, instead of pink, a most uncomfortable development, especially after supper or when lying down.

  3. Nathalie Reply:

    Lying down in a battlefield with tanks and bullets going by is not a good idea. Anyways, in Battlefield Bad Company 2 you cannot go prone. You can only stand and crouch. Source:

  4. Zona Reply:

    I’ve never heard that it’s bad for a dog to eat while lying down – they do it all the time in the wild and dogs regularly chew on bones and toys while lying down. Sometimes, a very large dog will have trouble reaching a bowl on the floor an… Source:

  5. Krysta Reply:

    It’s not bad if they’re laying down for a short period of time. Horses like to sleep an hour or two laying down just like other animals do. BUT, it’s really bad when they’re laying down ALL the time, because they can crush their organs like… Source:

  6. Daniell Reply:

    How does laying on your left there was a resent study side speed up digestion? my health teacher told me on this ,but i cant find the study using google .can i have some li

  7. Felicia Reply:

    Some people have hiatal hernias or acid reflux and when they lay down after they eat, it hasnt had time to digest and it goes back up and causes heartburn/acid reflux, etc! It may go down to your stomach, but it takes time to digest! Some people have it so bad that when they lie down, it backs up and not only goes into the lungs, but the sinuses and ear canals!

  8. Kaitlyn Reply:

    Is laying down after you eat a bad thing for your digestion? Improve Answer it! Lysosomes in a human cell contain how many types of digestive enzymes?

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