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Is there anything I can drink or eat to make my singing voice sound better?

As a professional singer myself, I try to keep well-hydrated with water, avoiding alcohol and caffeine which tend to dry you out! As far as eating, make sure you’re eating healthfully, avoiding anything that might cause acid reflux! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Joe Reply:

    Either you are a singer who needs to strengthen your voice to withstand long In any case, you can strengthen and improve your voice so you sound better, sing Once you feel that you have filled your lungs to their capacity, take a few Eat right, sleep, drink a lot of water, work out. How Can I Make My Voice Deeper? Source:

  2. Eneida Reply:

    Incorrectly performed techniques can ruin your singing voice. If you’re in a school with choir, get in there and sing your heart out! . Imagine trying to stuff maple syrup in a flute to make it sound better! Dairy impairs your vocal quality, so don’t eat/drink milk, yogurt, cheese, et cetera within . Thank Our Volunteer Authors.

  3. Shannon Reply:

    Many singers have their own recipes and rituals involving diets they’ll stick to to retain their good singing voice. I can’t provide an internet link to back up my own – but I’ve always found gefilte fish (cooked Hungarian style with plenty… Source:

  4. Karlene Reply:

    1. Avoid dairy. You can have an ice cream every now and then, but never before a gig. 2. Make water the drink of your soul. Not only is it great for the voice, but great for your health also. People say singers lose weight because they’re a… Source:

  5. Collene Reply:

    What is good to drink/eat before a singing audition to make sure your voice is in tip-top condition? What thing is good for your voice before singing? Answers PLZ?

  6. Renay Reply:

    Widening of your mouth will help with resonance! The sound from your throat will hit the roof of your mouth and cause a richer, more pleasant sound! DONT sing in your throat! People do that to sound deeper or higher! Singing in your throat hurts your vocal folds and leads to laryngitis! Think of the wind snapping a flag around! The longer the flag is exposed to violent winds, the more likely it will fray at the ends and youll end up with a ratty-looking flag! Also the sound hitting the roof of your mouth makes a louder sound! Ex: punch a pillow and a piece of wood, nuff said! Punching a pillow is like singing in your throat! Not good! You dont have to continually drop your jaw while singing! That can lead to a cramped sound! Work at a relaxed widening of your mouth! Your eye teeth should be seen! Practice at appearing relaxed and comfortable while singing and not looking over-the-top exuberant! When you breathe make sure the area between your ribs and hips (specifically in your back area) pushes out! Put your hands on your hips with your thumb on your stomach and your fingers on your back! When you breathe, you should be pushing out and (horizontally-speaking) widening the area between the tips of your fingers! Youll want to strengthen those muscles! Swimming will only help strengthen your body and aid you in breathing deeply for singing! Youre blessed to have that sport (hobby??) in your life!Drink plenty of water! Dont eat too much before singing! You might end up feeling bloated and have the urge to burp over and over!Youre 14! Thats young! Your voice is still slowly maturing! It might get a little deeper by the time youre 21 or thereabouts! Voice lessons twice-a-week are good!A little bit of nervousness is fine and gives you the energy for your performance! Most, if not all, singers feel some nervous excitement before performing! Why do I say all this?? I sang in a mixed choir! I remember our cantors guidance!

  7. Lucretia Reply:

    And as your singing, always remember to make it sound pretty cause sometimes you can What should you eat and drink to get a better voice? Well I think you

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