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What causes people to throw up?

Vomiting may be a sign of poisoning, such as motion sickness, or sight of decayed food, or other people vomiting! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jeffie Reply:

    There are many causes of vomiting, including digestive problems, motion or sickness, usually preceding vomiting, that makes a person want to throw up. Source:

  2. Daphne Reply:

    Alcohol Source:

  3. Jacquline Reply:

    Throwing a benefit for a good cause is a way to bring a community closer together while raising money for those in need. Organizing a successful benefit takes careful planning and time. However, with creativity and persistence, the event wi… Source:

  4. Maryann Reply:

    Nausea and throwing up can have an array of causes, from minor illness to serious conditions. Nausea and vomiting are generally not cause for concern, but if it continues for several days, or if it’s severe and you can’t keep food or drinks… Source:

  5. Lise Reply:

    Making myself throw up(question for people who have made themselves throw up)? first of all i don’t want any lectures saying i shouldn’t do this because i’m not going to even

  6. Kitty Reply:

    A lot of other diseases were being lumped in with swine flu at first, so the list of symtoms is a bit hard to pin down! Reportedly it can include upper and lower digestive symptoms! There seems to be individual variation! And in general, like any flu with really bad coughing, if you cough hard enough, it could trigger other problems! Its probably one of the least likely ways of getting nauseated, though! (I wont trouble you with a list!)Current WHO guidelines are the same as for other respiratory flu (or cold)! If youve been touching things that other people have touched, wash your hands before you stick them in your nose, mouth or eyes, or into your food! Masks dont really work, except they remind people not to lick their fingers or pick their nose [grin] so in that sense they work! Id pay more attention to making sure that your food is prepared carefully and cooked well–not because of swine flu but because of bacteria!

  7. Tori Reply:

    A 1681 painting depicting a person vomiting. ICD-10 · R11 · ICD-9 · 787 · MeSH · D014839. Vomiting (known medically as emesis and informally as throwing up and by a The causes of vomiting and regurgitation are generally different.

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