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What do I do if it feels like I have a bubble in my throat?

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly referred to as GERD or acid reflux, is a condition that feels like a bubble in throat! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alisa Reply:

    It may be followed by a sore throat, if you're becoming ill with something like a cold or flu virus. Fortunately, dry throat is typically not dangerous, and can be relieved with some simple home remedies Many people find that chewing gum is helpful, too. Take heart, this simple recipe will have your throat feeling better in. Source:

  2. Earline Reply:

    Hi, I have acid reflux and IBS. at least that is what the Dr thinks it is at this point. I get a sort of lump like feeling in my throat, and it keeps me from eating, like I don’ t feel like I . When they do the endoscopy (or upper GI), they can fill up the end of the tube with . I have thick and excess saliva (even has bubbles in it) to boot.

  3. Annabell Reply:

    OMG I have this same exact thing, it seems like in the morning and at night its especially bad, just like a air bubble or something right in my throat, it doesn’t hurt or anything but it’s so annoying, it’s kinda hard to fall asleep. It als… Source:

  4. Lera Reply:

    it could be a possibility you swallowed a small kitten. Source:

  5. Hui Reply:

    Your throat may feel tight because of stress. When we have stress, we tighten muscles everywhere, even though are often not aware of it. Your throat may also be inflamed for some reason. Try opening your mouth, sticking our your tongue as f… Source:

  6. Joanie Reply:

    Feels like there’s a bubble in my throat, with acid reflux too? I haven’t eaten anything that would cause that I need to burp this that I’m aware of, but for the past hour or

  7. Eldora Reply:

    Buy some Gas-X or Mylecon – that will get rid of the foamy gas bubbles! Ive had that happen on occasion, but not too often! If its happening a lot, you might want to keep a food diary and see what foods are triggering it! My first thought would be the beer! It does hurt though – I know exactly how you feel – almost like your esophagus (sp??) is going to explode!

  8. Dorene Reply:

    It may be that it is temporary and that you have to do this at intervals throughout the Why does your throat feel like you have a lump in it when you swallow?

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