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What does chewing gum do to your stomach?

Independent research finds that gum can aid in reducing the symptoms of acid reflux disease! The saliva flow can lead to an antacid effect in the stomach! Any Suggestions here?


  1. drew Reply:

    it is bad for you because it makes your stomach gasy

  2. Mariella Reply:

    Chewing gum frequently can lead to stress on your stomach and intestines. After a meal, your What to Do for Gas in the Stomach & Intestines? The human Source:

  3. Demetrice Reply:

    Your body is able to handle swallowing gum just fine. The real harm to your stomach comes from chewing the gum itself. Masticating causes an involuntary action in your stomach and increases the acid content. This is normally a good thing be

  4. Lakesha Reply:

    A man by the name of Thomas Adams invented chewing gum in 1780. It was made of chicle and had a flavor and sweetness in it. After that, Black Jack became the most popular gum that introduced people to gum chewing. You can find more informat… Source:

  5. Lavada Reply:

    Chewing gum is made out of a gum base that replaces the previous chicle that was once used. Chicle was a sap that came from the Sapodilla tree. With the gum base, sugar, corn syrup, and sweeteners are added, and the result ends up being che… Source:

  6. Tenisha Reply:

    There are many benefits to chewing gum besides the normal teeth cleanser and bad breath making ones. Did you know that it can help with weeight loss and help you deal with stress? Many studies show that chewing gum helps curb your appetite … Source:

  7. Giselle Reply:

    Is chewing gum on an empty always HAS to have gum stomach bad? Why? Is chewing a lot bad time as well? im just a little curious over a long period of. I have a friend who.

  8. Danna Reply:

    Your body just digests it!

  9. Lou Reply:

    What does chewing gum do to your body when you swallow it? An old wives' tale suggests that swallowed gum sits in your stomach for seven years before it

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