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What does it mean when you burp and you throw up a little?

If you throw up a little when you burp it could be a symptom of acid reflux! It can be treated with medication! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Cherri Reply:

    It's a little concerning when the cat throws up directly after eating; but again, a cat is that you must accept that, from time to time, your cat will throw up. Vomiting due to a hairball is common, even if the vomit does not actually bring up a hairball. this bothers its digestive tract and causes the cat to burp it all right back up. Source:

  2. Ardith Reply:

    So somtimes ill burp but like a little throw up wi… Make Y! My Homepage will come up.. i just swallow it because its never alot.. does that mean i have IBS or

  3. Bethanie Reply:

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  4. Filomena Reply:

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  5. Josie Reply:

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  6. Dan Reply:

    Which is worse, a bologna burp, a Dorito burp, a Chinese food burp, or a brussell sprout fart? Which has highest gag factor?

  7. Regina Reply:

    alot of people durring pregnancy is defferent!!i throw up almost every time i eat and sometimes my stomach can be empty and ill still throw up!!sometimes its a full vomit and sometimes all i do is burp and throw up something that looks alot like orange juice!!thats when my stomachs empty though!!and when you take an at home pregnancy test take it in the morning right as soon as you get up its more accurate and effective! normaly the symptoms are lower back pains and headaches and stomach cramping!!you may be a week or two pregnant!!its a good thing you made an appointment!!

  8. Shandi Reply:

    Just a few teaspoons of baking soda in a large glass of water does the trick.. because when the It will cause a sour stomach, and you will more than likely throw up. That ALWAYS means you have the parasite. I used to have them all the time when I was little, and my doctor told me to get (believe it or not) BEANO.

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