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What does it mean when you get heartburn alot?

Heartburn is the primary symptom of Acid Reflux! It is a burning sensation that radiates up from the stomach to the chest! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Candace Reply:

    Do you have pain or scratchiness in your throat? Is it difficult to Chances are, you are suffering from a sore throat. What Does It Mean to Have a Sore Throat? If you have heartburn or acid reflux, this can also give you a sore throat. Finally Source:

  2. Dorethea Reply:

    Your heartburn might be caused by something completely different than stress and strain. It does not have to mean than you are gluten intolerant but your body might have . I stopped all cereal and my heartburn is a lot more managable.

  3. Delicia Reply:

    depends on what your eating. you probably ate something bad. take a tums. if this gets routine, recommend seeing your doctor. Source:

  4. Kendra Reply:

    A person is NOT supposed to lie down for one hour after eating. Maybe you are eroding the throat lining from acid coming up. this takes’ a LOONNGG time to heal, like many many months. That for example is why a person has a scratchy throat t… Source:

  5. Donella Reply:

    Yes, you can have heartburn early into your pregnancy. Along with fatigue, swollen and tender breasts, and headaches. Source:

  6. Dani Reply:

    alot of heartburn and gas after ttc? i was windering if excessive sign and i am 2 heartburn and gas is a days late as well????? also its been three weeks since i ovualted and

  7. Georgette Reply:

    Sorry youre going thru this! It really sucks and is soo stressful!There are a couple possibilities!The tests doctors use to test pregnancy are no better than the ones you can buy at the store to do at home! The blood tests are, just not the urine tests! Sometimes their urine tests are actually even worse than the store ones!You could just be too early on in your pregnancy so the tests are having some problems picking up the hCG (pregnancy hormone) in your urine! Some tests do 100, 50, 20, etc! So maybe the 1st one all though it was cheap had a better sensitivity! If you ovulated much later this cycle than you normally do that could cause your period to be late! Therefore you still might actually be pregnant, but its just too early for that particular brand of test to tell!Did you take the cheap one in the morning or at a certain time of day?? FMU (first morning urine) usually has the most concentrated amount of hCG in it! But not for everyone! Some women are quite opposite! So if you took the 1st test at one time in the day and the 2nd test at the other maybe that is whats up!The other possibility is that you were in fact pregnant! 40-60% of pregnancies end in very early miscarriage! So early that most women would never even know they were pregnant and just start there cycles and carry right on never knowing! These chemical pregnancies are common! So the 1st test could of picked up just last little bit of hormone in your urine and by the time you got around to the 2nd one, the hormone dropped so low it couldnt be detected!The other thing is that it might not have really been a positive at all but something called an Evap Line! This is where the test line where the pink or blue should show up to let you know youre pregnant shows up because of the moisture under the plastic window! Evap lines are usually grey or just look kind of like a shadow, they have no colour in them at all! If they do have a tiny bit of colour it will only be at the top or bottom!A proper positive line is pink or blue (depending on the test) throughout the whole line and the test line is as thick as the control line! Evap lines are usually thinner than the control line!False positives are rare! Usually it is just one of these that happened! The last possibility is that you are on some kind of medication that would make you come up positive on a pregnancy test! Fertility meds would do that, but doesnt sound like you are, or at least didnt mention it!

  8. Beata Reply:

    Does heartburn when pregnant mean your baby will have a lot of hair? Improve If you are eating a lot does that mean you are pregnant? No. If you are

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