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What happens if you fall asleep right after eating,?

Normally, nothing bad! If you have overeaten,it is possible to have acid reflux or aspirate on the undigested food if you lie down Any Suggestions here?


  1. Merideth Reply:

    While the amount of sleep you need varies throughout your life, the average Nonetheless, there are situations where you may need to go 24, 48 or even 72 hours straight without sleep. When breastfed, most newborns need to eat once or twice during the night. However, after the third month, some babies can sleep. Source:

  2. Shea Reply:

    Could something be wrong if you fall asleep right after eating? I mean i understand if it happens sometimes but everytime you eat that is not

  3. Adah Reply:

    If you fall asleep after getting a concussion, your chances of slipping into coma are very high so try not to. Source:

  4. Shalon Reply:

    Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes excessive sleepiness and frequent daytime sleep attacks. Please see a doctor if you know of someone who experiences this. Source:

  5. Sherlyn Reply:

    You could have narcolepsy or sleep apnea. You could have hypoglycemia. Your body’s ability to store glucose is impaired or you have a parasite stealing your glucose so you feel alright or even ecstatic for a short time after eating then fal… Source:

  6. Elmer Reply:

    Since of lately after eating I fall asleep and after getting. What could cause that? Six years ago after drinking up my tummy get big some water from the tap about a hour afte

  7. Parthenia Reply:

    G!E!R!D! Gastro Entero Reflux Disease happens when you eat just before you lay down! The spincter above your stomach will open and allow the acid from your stomach to splash up into your esophogas! This can really damage your esophogas! Dont eat and lay down soon afterwards, thats the bottom line and give your food time to digest first! Also, your body works to throw off toxins thru sweat and respirations when you sleep but putting the food in there gives you too many calories to burn, you will eventually gain weight instead of clean your house (body)!

  8. Theodora Reply:

    What happens if you go swimming right after eating? you might throw up. What happens when you go to sleep with a bra on? you feel normal. so BE CAREFUL

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