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What happens when you drink coffee on an empty stomach?

Substances such as alcohol or coffee on an empty stomach (accompanied by stress) can literally eat you up inside! Or, the excess acid can squirt up into the esophagus, which also has a more sensitive lining, causing "heartburn" or reflux! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tonie Reply:

    Many people are well aware of the effects of excessive drinking — headache, upset alcohol is absorbed faster into the body if you drink on an empty stomach , However, coffee should not be used to cancel out the affects of alcohol According to "American Chronicle," the best way to do this is to alternate alcoholic drinks Source:

  2. Misty Reply:

    May 22, 2011 Your body uses mechanical and chemical means to do this. Before your meal you imagine how good the food is going to taste. the food package so that the digestive enzymes have easier access to the contents inside. Substances such as alcohol or coffee on an empty stomach (accompanied by

  3. Dannette Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Drinking on an empty stomach will increase alcohol absorption, making its effects stronger. We advise eating beforehand! Source:

  4. Kecia Reply:

    Coffee stimulates gastric acid to secrete. If this acid is secreted in high amount, then it eats up the gastric mucosa. If this continues, then gastritis or ulcer may develop. Therefore, it is healthier to eat some breakfast in the morning … Source:

  5. Vonda Reply:

    You get more messed up. Source:

  6. Heike Reply:

    Why do I always get nausea when I drink green tea coffee? This only happens with green on an empty stomach? This does not happen with tea and only on an empty stomach

  7. Toby Reply:

    Yes acid reflux can really hurt i have had it since i was 13 and i am 20 now i would have sharp pains in my stomach and chest and i went to the hospital alot before i knew it was acid reflux because i thought i was having a heart attack it sucks i know but some meds are great for that but i really didnt find one that was great but change the way you eat and it should get better in time i did for me at least and i hope it does for you GOD BLESS :]

  8. Francis Reply:

    If you ever drink an ice cold drink on an empty stomach, you'll know when it hits If it happens when you did neither of those things, you should see a doctor.

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