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What is having a nauseous stomach after every time you eat a symptom of?

Possibilities can include a gastric ulcer, acid reflux, or a hiatal hernia, you might even want to have your gallbladder checked! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mitzie Reply:

    If you have body aches and are still sick with diarrhea after 2 days, they are tell- tale diarrhea and/or vomiting, nauseathese are all symptoms of the stomach flu. As an person experienced with this illness (I've caught it 4 times in the last 2 years!) You don't want to eat anything heavy to upset your stomach even more. Source:

  2. Sima Reply:

    Also, avoid eating or drinking foods and beverages that make you sick. Do you have pain in the lower left side of your abdomen, especially after you eat Do you have diarrhea along with gas, bloating and stomach pains every time you eat

  3. Corrina Reply:

    I get a stomachache every time I eat breakfast with eggs. I have no idea why, but it gives me indigestion. If I have pancakes and orange juice with it, it’s even worse. It doesn’t make me have to go potty. It just makes my stomach feel nast… Source:

  4. Kiesha Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Constant stomach aches and indigestion after eating, may be a sign of food allergy or sensitivity. Try to consult your MD regarding that. Source:

  5. Tamesha Reply:

    Not Medical Advice:Possibly it’s a stomach flu or gastroenteritis.Symptoms:stomach ache may be accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting and fever.See MD immediately. Source:

  6. Myrle Reply:

    I feel nauseous all of the time. The only time I feel. Is this a pregnancy symptom better is when I eat? I have been like this for the past week. I’m literally eating almost e

  7. Ardith Reply:

    I would say you are going to have to wait for the ultrasound! You may have diverticulitus or something also that is making you feel ill! Whatever it is, it will most likely require medical attention! If it gets to where you cant bear it or if you start to run a fever, go to the ER!

  8. Lekisha Reply:

    Yes you could be or you may have a viral tummy bug going on. Could you be pregnant if you get nauseous every time you eat? Feeling sick around food in the

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