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What soda helps with acid reflux?

Heartburn is a symptom of the reflux of acidic stomach content back into the esophagus! Both carbonated soft drinks and commonly used prescription sleeping pills can lead to nighttime heartburn, possibly to a severe degree! Any Suggestions here?


  1. alicia Reply:

    I’ve taken everything and tried baking soda. Baking soda does help for a quick fix. I’m intrigued by Miguelina answer and will give it a try if my current fix doesn’t continue to work. I’ve found total resolution to my acid reflux. I have been usng 10 drops a day of Lugols iodine. It is sold online and in some health food stores. Mine was about $8. I started off with 2 drops twice a day and worked up to 5 twice a day. I take a day or two off each week. In the beginning there was some discomfort in my stomach and I almost stopped using it. After a week I noticed I was getting better. After amonth I stopped using anything even after I had pizza or sloppy joes. Those foods have always been scary to eat.I’m posting because someone might find relief like I did after years and years of prescription and OTC remedies.

  2. Melaine Reply:

    Baking soda works well as a natural home remedy for acid reflux. It helps to neutralize the acid, which can prevent it from backing up into the esophagus. Source:

  3. Ila Reply:

    Dec 28, 2009 Free Heartburn / GERD Newsletter! the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) to enable you to burp and help relieve the pressure from bloating.

  4. Ginger Reply:

    Acid reflux, also known as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, in an infant can be particularly troublesome. If your baby is having trouble with GERD, know that there are few things you can do at home to help ease her discomfort. Source:

  5. Bonnie Reply:

    Acid reflux is a disease that can affect anyone. It can occur after eating spicy foods, citrus fruits or anything else that has a high acid concentration. In order to neutralize the acidity in your body that, you can use baking soda to help… Source:

  6. Monet Reply:

    1st of all try to eat small frequent meals – that will help greatly. Complex carbs take up excess stomach acid so foods like rice,pasta,bread will help and avoid high fatty foods like fast food. I also found Papaya enzyme supplements work g… Source:

  7. Alta Reply:

    Is it safe to drink a with water/milk to neutralize stomach acid/acid reflux?? i get acid reflux alot little bit of baking soda and i just saw that baking soda neutrilizes aci

  8. Miguelina Reply:

    Yes it will make you feel better, but will also cause many other problems from the toxins that will result! The acid feeling you are getting is from ROTTING and PUTREFYING food due to LOW STOMACH acid, not too much! When the food rots, it generates LACTIC ACID that is giving you those feelings and the methane gas that is given off in the rotting, is what causes the bloating and pressure to push the rotting, disgusting mess up your esophagus! The answer is simple and it works like nothing else! You need to increase your stomach acid! As we age and eat lots of processed foods, etc!, the HCL gets used up, leaving you deficient and you get the reflux! If you take an antacid, like doctors prescribe, you STOP THE DIGESTIVE PROCESS and create lots of toxins and many health issues as a result and its expensive!The correct way to deal with this problem is to take some good digestive aids that are NOT expensive and follows the natural way the body was designed! You need to take Betaine HCL that is from a once living source (not like you find in stores that is made from a lab), an HCL Activator, and a DIGEST that contains all the pancreatic enzymes! You take the DIGEST before the meal and the other two items after the meal! You will also find that your weight becomes easy to manage because you will actually be digesting and not throwing off all the toxins that are stored in your fat tissue!EDIT: Dave There you go again, showing your ignorance and making statements you know nothing about! Humans and all meat eating animals produce hydrochloric acid as part of the BEGINNING process of digestion in the stomach! The pH of HCL being produced in the parietal cells is 0!8 pH, almost pure acid! The stomach is designed to have a pH of between 1!5 and 3!0 for proper digestion! Bicarbonate is produced in the pancreas and liver to neutralize the pH when it enters the jejunum! This is the natural process we are designed to do! When you put bicarbonate in the stomach and neutralize the pH, you destroy the sanitation of the stomach and stop the digestion of proteins! THAT IS BAD SCIENCE and contrary to how the body was designed to say otherwise! Dogs produce 3 times the HCL as humans and they eat raw, disgusting meat without getting acid reflux or sick from doing this! Please get a real job and stop promoting your ignorance as if it were some intelligent rhetoric! You do need to free yourself from the lies you believe! You are TROLLING!good luck to you

  9. Dominga Reply:

    That was the "household cure" for heartburn, or acid reflux, before more i take mefenamic acid (ponstan) to help aleviate severe period pains. it also helps by

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