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Whenever I burp, I puke a little? Why?

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  1. Reina Reply:

    Babies often cough up food and liquids, as their little bodies are learning how to or blouses if you are not expecting the baby to suddenly projectile vomit on you . as when you are done trimming, you will carefully push them inside the burp Source:

  2. Irish Reply:

    a burp laced with a little vomit, usually occurs when you’ve had one too many and it has become difficult to distinguish between the two.

  3. Zulema Reply:

    This is known as GERD (acid reflux) & can be controlled with over the counter medication at your local pharmacy. Cha Cha again Source:

  4. Carma Reply:

    Severe heartburn that sometimes cause regurgitation of undigested food in mouth, is referred to as GERD. Try to see a doctor. Source:

  5. Dallas Reply:

    "Buke" (slang) is when you burp and a little "puke" comes up. It’s a similar concept as a "shart", but the other end. Thanks! Source:

  6. Natalie Reply:

    Why does my baby puke when I burp her? My daughter is almost 5 when I burp her. NOT JUST SPIT UP I weeks old and only pukes know the difference. If she falls asleep while eati

  7. Kanesha Reply:

    You could have indigestion, heart burn, not eating a very good diet or something else! Heart burn and/or indigestion can do that to me, and leaves a bitter taste afterwards, though nothing comes up! However, because you are getting it often I think the best thing to do would be go to your doctor for a check up to check everything is okay! He might ask you to keep a log book of what you have been eating to see if that had any impact as certain foods for different people increase the acids/behaviour of the acids in the stomach, which can make you gassy and feel ill! If youve radically changed your diet or are drinking to much fizzy pop or caffeine that could be a cause! When i drink to much coffee I get bad stomach pain and feel sick!There isnt a positive way to get a diagnosis online so id recommend you see a proffessional in person, who will help and advise you!Go get a check up and I hope all turns out fine! :)

  8. Kamala Reply:

    When you burp a very small amount of vomit come out your throat also when you touch your breast it fell weird could this be the sign of pregnancy? Answer It!

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