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Why am I feeling nausea after drinking coffee?

Since caffeine increases the production of stomach acid, caffeine can cause acid reflux or worsen ulcer symptoms! It is not possible to tell you exactly why you are feeling sick after drinking coffee! Please visit your doctor to have him or her evaluate what the problem may be! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Hsiu Reply:

    Cola; Coffee; Dry toast; Bananas; Vitamin C; Chocolate milk; Aspirin As sick as you are feeling with a hangover, you still need to put something on your It doesn't matter how you replace it, just do so as soon as possible and it will Eat something before you drink, while you drink , and after you drink to avoid a hangover. Source:

  2. Melia Reply:

    I’ve been drinking coffee for a couple of years and only recently has it been having this effect The taste, smell, even the sight of it makes me feel physically sick. I’ve got a lot of work to do this year and I’ve been up until the early hours of the . The artificial creamers can mess up your stomach after a while.

  3. Emelia Reply:

    Coffee can make some people feel sick because of the high caffeine content and the coffee beans can irritate stomachs. Source:'m-not-pregnant.-what-is-the-deal

  4. Detra Reply:

    You are using the bathroom after drinking coffee because your body has digested it and is putting it out as urine. Source:

  5. Latoria Reply:

    some times that is the effect of caffeine, i get that especially if i don’t have breakfast. i get this really weird feeling in my stomach, and have to go to the bathroom really bad. i would suggest you not drink coffee anymore or at least a… Source:

  6. Nedra Reply:

    Why am I feeling this way coffee before last week. I had to take night? Just started drinking coffee? I have never had any class for college and I just couldn’t stay awake, so

  7. Maris Reply:

    Eat something like a sandwich, or something with bread and complex carbs! Chocolate also has caffeine (much less than coffee though)! The shaking is normal until you get used to coffee (it takes a few months of consistent drinking), but eating a decent meal before or with it can lessen the effects!The heart-rate increases with caffeine intake (it can take someone used to it from a 60 bpm to 100 bpm) and it can make you feel weird and sort of spacy, but hyper alert! It can also make you tremble and feel like youre weak! Caffeine is known to cause headaches sometimes and migraines as well!Its a stimulant and you just have to build up tolerance! What youre experiencing is normal for those who arent used to caffeine!

  8. Trinity Reply:

    Usually you feel bad after drinking too much coffee. When you come off your Why do you feel nausea after drinking water? you feel nausea after drinking water

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