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Why do cough everytime I eat?

It’s possible this is acid reflux! Acid reflux is a backflow of stomach contents into the esophagus! Talk to a Dr about treatment! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jacalyn Reply:

    However, if the coughing occurs frequently or every time you drink or eat, it could be the result of an underlying problem. Several potential causes exist. Consult Source:

  2. Suzie Reply:

    It sounds like you have acid reflux. The digestive fluids in your stomach go back thru the cardiac [ valve from esophagus to stomach ] sphincter to your

  3. Willena Reply:

    They don’t cough, it’s just the pleasure. A cough would sound like UHHUMM! But most people say Uh! Haha, Disturbing. Source:

  4. Basilia Reply:

    I have never heard of anyone coughing when they eat ice cream. Normally when you cough while eating it means you are eating to fast or the food has gone down the wrong pipe. Maybe you should slow down while eating and if that doesn’t work s… Source:

  5. Gregory Reply:

    There can be many reasons for coughing when you eat. I know that I have a pocket or indentation in my throat that causes me to cough after eating some types of food. You should see your doctor about the issue if it continues or is a major p… Source:

  6. Susana Reply:

    Is it true that if you eat cough drops without having and it isn’t but I love cough drops a cough is bad? I heard that it is even when I am not sick/have a cough. I do not wan

  7. Kati Reply:

    I was told one time that it is because the cold ice cream closes your throat more then normal! Thus making you cough! I am not sure if it is true or not, but it made sence to me!

  8. Grace Reply:

    I find that i cough after eating chocolate regardless of the position I am in. The more dense the chocolate, the more sever my cough. I was trying to find out if it is

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