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Why do I keep feeling like I have to burp but can’t?

Crazy Kim Kardashian Any Suggestions here?


  1. Karena Reply:

    Burping a baby can reduce spitting up and relieve bloating caused by swallowed air. Don't worry if your baby spits up occasionally – what looks like a lot of liquid is probably no more It's a bit awkward with tiny babies that can't support their head yet, but it definitely works. But thanks for the article–you have great pics! Source:

  2. Keely Reply:

    Thing is it takes forever to get the burp to come up and it feels stuck and it is horrible. This pressure drives me crazy and I constantly feel like I have to burp but I can’t. I need help >< I keep having the same problem as you.

  3. Sharlene Reply:

    This smell can be caused by different things from parasites to diseases like Crohn’s or Gerds. Best thing would be to go to a Dr. Source:

  4. Taryn Reply:

    Belching burping nauseouse xcessively is the result of taking in air.The esophagus is a unique muscle –it’s about 9 inches.more Source:

  5. Amalia Reply:

    You can try like a bismulth for that it should help with both the indigestion and the gas. Source:

  6. Madonna Reply:

    Which is worse, a bologna burp, a Dorito burp, a Chinese food burp, or a brussell sprout fart? Which has highest gag factor?

  7. Stevie Reply:

    It can be the medicine! It can be that you are depressed by going to school! Just take it easy on your back it can be serous on your spin! have your back looked at by your doctor! I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Danyell Reply:

    because of the reactionbut your stomach will feel tons better and you'll stop having I'd also like to add, that I grew up with this stomach condition. If you are having "egg burps" you definitely have Giardia. When you do, you don't eat much or you can't hold it down. . No, but you can keep it from getting bigger

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