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Why do i keep throwing up daily and i’m not pregnant. What is wrong?

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  1. Sexy Reply:

    Why i keep throwing up i went to the doctor they said i was not pregnant but my stomach is getting big and my waistline my stomach look like i am pregnant and i think i am

  2. Jeane Reply:

    Prenatal vitamins are often higher than regular daily vitamins in iron, folic acid and calcium. Stop taking prenatal vitamins if you are not pregnant and are experiencing side effects. Common side effects include constipation, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Call your . I am One Week Pregnant, How Is My Baby Growing? Source:

  3. Charla Reply:

    For Wendy who found out she is due a day after her birthday, well i am also due a Maybe we can keep in touch & keep each other updated cus this is also my first . .. I am 8 weeks pregnant and my nausea and vomiting is real bad; I can not

  4. Melisa Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Watch her food intake.If she’s been gulping a lot of water after meals,then it’s more likely that she’ll trow up. Visit your vet to be sure. Source:

  5. Ronni Reply:

    Here are some remedies: Avoid warm places as heat can increase the nausea feelings. Take naps during the day (but not right..MORE? Source:'m-ten-weeks-pregnant-and-can't-keep-anything-down

  6. Sherice Reply:

    The numbness is most likely caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is very common among pregnant women. Source:'m-pregnant-and-my-finger-tips-keep-going-numb%3F-should-i-be-worried

  7. Gina Reply:

    An employee was “violently” throwing up and went home from work. Is it wrong to ask if she’s pregnant? Upon hearing she went home, the day after, the supervisor simply replied

  8. Merrilee Reply:

    It could be stress, you are 11 years old going through a lot in your life and your body! You even said your panicking! Is it possible that you are having panic attacks and anxiety?? I would start by changing your diet, lots more water, veggies and fruits! No potatoes or breads unless the bread is whole grain! This will help with bowel movements and this will help with the cramps, nausea and stomach aches! As for the fatigue!! do you play sports or sleep well?? Staying active also helps your digestion and your sleep schedule!! in fact keeping active will make you feel better and be LESS fatigue! Limit your amount of acidic food (i!e! orange juice, apple juice, citrus, pickles, tomatoes!!) it will help with your acid reflex or heart burn, if you have heartburn DONT DRINK WATER! It will make it worse, try a glass of milk and a piece of bread! Because youre 11 and you have obviously gone to the doctors, you cannot be pregnant (hopefully youre not sexually active anyways!) but if you are sexually active the act of sexual intercourse or sexual activity can cause cramping, nausea, dizziness, puking and stomach aches! Usually if you are constipated you can be dehydrated, but usually when diarrhea happens is when your actually really dehydrated! For Constipation you can buy Citrus Magnesium but plan to spend a lot of time on the toilet and because youre only 11 and 80+ lbs Id say only drink half the bottle, BELIEVE me! It may take a few hours to kick in, but it will! Drink plenty of water with it, otherwise you will be dehydrated and not know it! CM gives you diarrhea! Good luck, hope this helps!

  9. Corrine Reply:

    do not vomit at five to six weeks pregnant" and "Why do you throw up during I confirm that I am at least 13 years of age. I've been vomiting about 3 times a day for the last 5 days. When does morning sickness normally stop during pregnancy? . of pregnancy, yet it could also be a sign of something medically wrong.

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