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Why do i wake up feeling nauseous?

Some reasons people wake up feeling nauseous include: eating pattens, acid reflux, pregnancy, and medications! Many factors can contribute to morning nausea! If this is a problem experience on a regular basis, talk to your doctor! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Henriette Reply:

    Eating certain foods right before bedtime can cause you to wake up feeling nauseous. Aim to avoid eating anything for about three hours before bedtime to Source:

  2. Breann Reply:

    My guess is that it’s the medication, not an uncommon side effect for many meds. If it really is bothersome you should tell your doctor about it as there are other meds out there that might agree with you more but keep in mind they might br

  3. Aisha Reply:

    There could be a number of reasons that cause nausea after you eat. It could be from over-eating, ulcers, IBS, food allergies, viruses, bacteria, parasites or even pregnancy. If your symptoms are persistent, worsen or are accompanied by fev… Source:

  4. Elsy Reply:

    Nausea is caused by many things. You could have a stomach bug or the flu. You might be pregnant. Talk to your doctor to find out what is making you nauseous. Source:

  5. Colette Reply:

    There are many reason why you feel nauseous. The most common is you have the stomach virus. Another reason could be your pregnant. If you are nauseous for more than 3 days you should consult a physician. Source:

  6. Lacie Reply:

    I have been to the hospital to count, how many times in the, I can not even begin past 8 month’s with my wife. Keep being told that there is nothing wrong. She has been checke

  7. Micah Reply:

    I have a similar condition! Only my problem is occasional, not an everyday problem! The first time it happened to me I was about 12! I got up one morning, and literally was bouncing off the walls as my head spun and my stomach churned while I tried to make my way to the bathroom! Obviously, I didnt go to school that day! Mom took me to the doctor, who thought I had an iron deficiency, and gave me a shot! Years later, after suffering other attacks, one of which required a shot of demerol to alleviate, my doctor finally diagnosed me with labyrinthitis, and inner ear problem! Its cause is often impossible to determine, and sometimes it is a symptom of another problem! Go see your doctor! You should be thoroughly checked out to rule out all other possibilities!Here is a relevant link:http://www!emedicinehealth!com/labyrinthitis/article_em!htm

  8. Trinh Reply:

    I wake up feeling feverish and nauseous. towards evening i tend to get feverish Can you get the cirtified floodplain manager questions without taking the test?

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