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Why does my stomach feel like it’s on fire and I’m sweating?

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  1. Elane Reply:

    To keep your feet from burning while running depends on your running style to Again a very important thing is to, I'm going to take my shoe off so you can see. that it holds sweat, and that sweat will tend to make the cotton and the skin move, we don't want to use this type of running style that makes you feel like you're Source:

  2. Breana Reply:

    Hey, i’m only 17 and i would say its been in the last 6 months i’ve noticed it.. My back, stomach, face, scalp, arms and even elbows get soaking wet out of the My face will feel like its burning, but I won’t see anything except large pores

  3. Brenna Reply:

    it means that your uterus is stretching for the baby to come, im also almost 7 weeks (in 2 days to be exact) and im expierencing the same pains Source:'m_almost_7_weeks_pregnant_and_all_i'm_feeling_is_pain_in_my_stomach..what_does_this_mean

  4. Jaquelyn Reply:

    it means that you aren’t preagnet but you have a bale movement in you Source:'m_not_sexually_active

  5. Alleen Reply:

    A rigid abdomen could be a sign of peritonitis or Wilms tumor. Source:'m_not_pregnant

  6. Nisha Reply:

    Profuse Sweating, Stomach Aches & Diarrhea. Help!? Since I was around 13, I have been a severe sweater. Back, chest, underarms, most places. I have a pretty high body temperat

  7. Kimiko Reply:

    You may be experiencing alcoholic flush:http://www!buzzle!com/articles/red-face-and-alcohol!htmlWhile it is more common among Japanese, Southern Chinese, and Southeast Asian ancestry, it has been known to happen in other ethnic groups!

  8. Berta Reply:

    Aug 15, 2011 I stopped eating, and lost like three pounds because of it, but you know end, if i' m only eating 500 calories, it's because i'm burning no more than 600 or 700. but look like i weigh 130 :( all my fat goes directly to my stomach. mi legs, and it makes me feel like crap. when i was 16-17 i did manage to get

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