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Why would your stomach hurt every time you eat?

If you’re feeling a burning pain in the middle of your chest or a sharp, pressure-like pain, then you may have acid reflux!- Any Suggestions here?


  1. Reginia Reply:

    Even though it's normally classified as poor etiquette, everyone does it. body, but excessive amounts of intestinal gas are embarrassing and can even hurt if not passed. The drinks have bubbles, which add air to your stomach, and the candy and gum cause you to swallow Do you get gassy every time you eat beans? Source:

  2. Jamie Reply:

    Jun 18, 2007 Why does my stomach hurt when i eat – posted in Food and nutrition. It is not normal to feel pain every time you eat.your body is trying to tell

  3. Myrtie Reply:

    Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and soda. Try herbal teas instead or just plain water. Other things to avoid are: black or red peppers and chili powder. Try using other spices instead. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Be aware of wha… Source:

  4. Deb Reply:

    You stomach may hurt for a few reasons when you are eating. Make sure that you chew your food properly. Drinking liquid with food is not a very good idea because it dilutes the acid in the stomach. If you continue to have the problems the b… Source:

  5. Alexis Reply:

    Your stomach hurting after you eat could be caused by a few different things such as not chewing your food well. Possible the fluids you drink with your food is causing your stomach to be upset. Possibly if you are on different meds you tak… Source:

  6. Earleen Reply:

    Why does my stomach hurt every stomach will hurt for a time I eat spicy food 2 times a week and? I eat spicy food maybe then the next day my couple of hours. Sometimes it does

  7. Lynna Reply:

    I would just like to say you seem like an amazing person who is really caring and respects her family and herself, i admire you for these reasons i really do! however you are suffering from anorexia and unfortunately this seems to be taking over your life, anorexia is a disease and it is all in your head you dint understand why you have always wanted to be obscenely thin because of anorexia its all in the head, you want to change yourself for you in a way it seems like you have done something in the past and are punishing yourself for it by staving yourself also this also may be why you are SO caring as you feel you need to prove yourself (this is only a theory, please dint be offended)! Also the fact that you realize its an issue and that the weight you want to be is unattractive is probably due to the therapy, youve realized you have a problem, yet deep in your mind you are still anorexic, the issue lies deeper and gradually you need sort this out but it will take time, i wanted to advise you to see a counciler yet you dint seem to like these methods! i also understand why you didnt tell your parents as it was too hard and you respect them Too much for them to be ashamed of you or for you to feel like youve let them down!im here if you ever need to talk my email i think is on my profile but if not its scanlananneyahoo!com

  8. Lilliam Reply:

    stomach hurt everytime I eat? Answer: Improve. It could be two different things from my knowledge (and personal experience). First I might suggest you suffer

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