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Will pepto bismol help a stomach bug?

Pepto-bismol is primarily for reducing acid and stomach discomfort associated with gastric reflux! If you do throw up after taking it, the vomit will be black, not to worry, that is normal for Pepto-Bismol! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jenifer Reply:

    Umm I need help I have the bug and I’m wondering if I can now what medicine that will help with these answers please

  2. Anitra Reply:

    Clear liquids will help, too. During the first few days of catching the stomach flu, you will experience body Pepto Bismol will aid in relieving the pains a bit. Source:

  3. Leia Reply:

    And products like Pepto-Bismol, Emetrol, Maalox, etc., which are marketed for sick stomach, may sometimes help with mild stomach upset. But often they will NOT stop vomiting from food poisoning, stomach virus or stomach flu, because they

  4. Jama Reply:

    Pepto Bismolforms a coating over ulcers in the stomach and gut protecting them from stomach acid and allowing them to heal. Source:

  5. Katherina Reply:

    Pepto Bismol is an Antacid, an Antidiarrheal, an antisecretory, and an Antiulcer agent. Source:

  6. Lakeshia Reply:

    Pepto-Bismol provides fast relief for upset stomach and other symptoms including, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, and indigestion. Source:

  7. Phebe Reply:

    I had a stomach bug yesterday and feel nauseous and dont have an appetite today. Will pepto-bismol help? Had stomach bug yesterday. Today I feel dizzy and my stomach hurts on

  8. Ora Reply:

    I suggest you try drinking some Vernors ginger ale,the ginger in it will settle your stomach and people have used ginger for years for any kind of stomach ailment,I always keep this on hand in my household,it really is great! Hope that you will try and see,feel better soon! Tomb Raider!

  9. Cleotilde Reply:

    There are a couple things that happen to you with the stomach flu. 1st thing is that I wouldn't recommend taking any antacids, Pepto-Bismol or anything like that. It could be a bacterial infection in which case antibiotics will help. lots and lots

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