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Can second hand smoke cause acne?

The link between cigarettes (second hand smoke) and acne is unclear! A study from Iran finds that more smokers suffer from severe acne! However, the sampling was small and other studies show little difference between smokers and non-smokers! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Epifania Reply:

    Smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes can cause yellow eyes and teeth, bad breath and wrinkles. Second-hand smoke can also cause skin aging and wrinkles, so take care to move yourself away How Does Smoking Make Acne Worse? Source:

  2. Macie Reply:

    I would like to know if smoking can cause acne or pimple break-out. . that he is also causing other peoples death due to secondhand smoke.

  3. Penelope Reply:

    Actually the person who inhales the second hand smoke has more of a risk to get lung cancer then the person who is doing the smoking. So avoid second hand smoke at all cost. Source:

  4. Jillian Reply:

    Second hand smoke is the smoke an individual inhales even if he or she is not a smoker themselves. People who inhale second hand some unfortunately can still get cancer and other health issues that smokers get. Source:

  5. Jon Reply:

    Second hand smoking is breathing in the smoke that someone else breathes out. When a smoker exhales some of the chemicals that are in the smoke can be transferred to non-smokers that are nearby. Some say that second hand smoking can cause m… Source:

  6. Felecia Reply:

    I know the danger of second hand smoke but recently heard that third hand smoke is also dangerous. What is it?

  7. Karina Reply:

    No, it is not true! This is one parent trying to demonize the other one because of a divorce!

  8. Simona Reply:

    Dr. Sanderson explains the dangers of secondhand smoke and how it can cause COPD. Which Foods Cause Acne Breakouts. 1:03 minutes. Why Gluten

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