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Does chlorine help acne?

Chlorine dries out the skin as well as keeps it clear from breaking out for a vast amount of people! Thanks for ing! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kim Reply:

    Acne is often caused by bacteria and oil building up in the the pores. Because chlorinated water has a drying effect, when it penetrates the pores it will help Source:

  2. Annabel Reply:

    The chlorine will dry out your skin which in turn helps with your pimples, however not all of yor skin needs to be dried out to that extent. Suggest you wash your face with an oil free cleanser, apply witch hazel as a toner after cleansing

  3. Lise Reply:

    Acne treatments can be time consuming, but in the end, they tend to be worthwhile if applied properly. Wash your hair regularly, as any germs can be spread from your head to your pillow as you sleep. Since people often spend the night tossi… Source:

  4. Barbar Reply:

    Try the typical skin acne regime. Wash face and apply a topical benzoyl peroxide product like Zapzit, Clearsil or Persagel. Follow with a non comedogenic moisturizer. Avoid using harsh cleansers which can dry out the skin making acne worse…. Source:

  5. Lida Reply:

    dries it up Source:

  6. Elmer Reply:

    Does Chlorine cause acne? My P.E class is doing a swimming weeks left). I’m just wondering if chlorine can unit ( we only have 2 more cause acne. Does chlorine clean out bacte

  7. Moriah Reply:

    It does help keep the oil production down! My dermatologist actually told me to put a half cup of chlorine bleach in the bathtub and soak in it to help with my acne, but when he found out I had a pool he said that would do! It kills the bacteria!

  8. Renea Reply:

    Wash your face with cold water and use a face cleansing product and exfoliating product (instructions on how to use them are usually on the pack) then dry face

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