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Does drinking water help acne?

We know of no studies that would indicate that drinking "lots "of water is beneficial in treating acne! Have a great night! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Celestina Reply:

    Water is beneficial to the health of skin and helps speed acne scar removal. Light acne Will Drinking Aloe Vera Juice Get Rid of Acne Scars & Stretch Marks? Source:

  2. Edna Reply:

    Yes, It helps your skin all over your body and helps acne go away. Source(s): Drinking water is essential for clean skin and your overall health. Water is essential for carrying waste material out of your body and is quite possibly flare

  3. Jeri Reply:

    While exercising is a major benefit to your health and contributes to weight loss, what you put into your body also can help you shed pounds and maintain a healthy body weight. Because the body is composed of two-thirds of water, drinking w… Source:

  4. Britt Reply:

    To start getting your body to adjust to drinking more water get a water bottle (sports bottle maybe) and fill it to about 30 oz. You may be tempted to make it ice cold, which is ok at first. Try to drink as much as possible first thing in t… Source:

  5. Maryalice Reply:

    There is no definitive evidence that drinking water will help clear up acne. However, staying hydrated is good for overall health! Source:

  6. Katlyn Reply:

    Can switching from drinking bottled water? i’m 18 and I’ve been drinking bottled water for to tap water cause acne years, but last month i started drinking tap water. I’ve bro

  7. Coralee Reply:

    Your skin, like the rest of you, needs to be well hydrated to be healthy! Beyond that!!!!????

  8. Maryetta Reply:

    Staying well hydrated can help your condition improve, because the "waste management" control system in your body requires a lot of water to do its job. Without

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