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Does rubbing alcohol help get rid of pimples?

Do not use rubbing alcohol as it can dry out the skin! It can actually irritate the acne more! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Johnna Reply:

    Does Rubbing Alcohol Help Acne? There are many effective treatments available, but rubbing alcohol is not one of Does Toothpaste Get Rid of Pimples? Source:

  2. Melva Reply:

    no it doesnt work it just makes it worse try spot cream it will help more.Thanks for asking.

  3. Tommie Reply:

    Razor bumps can be painful. They are actually hairs that have grown back into the skin (also called "ingrown hairs"). Both men and women can get them, though men are more likely to experience them than women. Razor bumps occur on the faces … Source:

  4. Willow Reply:

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  5. Aimee Reply:

    Rubbing alcohol will only kill any bacteria that are present on the skin, it won’t keep the gland open or reduce sebum production. Source:

  6. Regine Reply:

    Rubbing Alcohol on face to clear up pimples? my dad keeps getting on put alcohol on my face my pimples will dry out twice a day so that my case telling me to. I have VERY oily

  7. Nikole Reply:

    It worked for me :) I had tons of pimples, especially my chin and forehead! So I started putting alcohol on a cotton ball and cleaning my face with it right before bed! It might sting a little but youll get used to it! Sometimes my skin would dry up in between my eyebrows so I would just use a little dab of lotion

  8. Nicolle Reply:

    Does rubbing alcohol help get rid of red spots and pimples? Yes alcohol does clean the spots making sure their is no bacteria and makes all the germs and

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