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What is it called when you get sores on your scalp?

Scalp sores can be caused by fungus, allergies, psoriasis, eczema, bad acne, infected acne, and more! Consult a dermatologist! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Dodie Reply:

    Even when used properly, your sensitive scalp may have a reaction to the chemicals. If you have recently gotten a perm and have noticed sores, scalp sensitivity or burns, A lip sore, sometimes called a cold sore, is a painful and painfully Source:

  2. Rozanne Reply:

    I will get small red "pimples" that can turn into sores if I scratch them – and let I’ m surprised your doc only gave you vaseline without testing or investigating. . What I had was called folliculitis; an infection of the hair follicle.

  3. Glennis Reply:

    A sore scalp has varying degrees of pain depending on the cause. At times it’s simply annoying and other times so painful a headache develops. One thing for sure is that you don’t want to ignore a painful scalp. Once you feel soreness start… Source:

  4. Marhta Reply:

    Why your scalp is sore depends on if you have an injury to it or if you have any scalp conditions that may be making your scalp sore or tender. Source:

  5. Andree Reply:

    Scalp sores can be caused by many things but the main cause is when bacteria gets into the follicles on the scalp that shampoo doesn’t clean. Usually your scalp will fight off the bacteria but in the case of scalp sores, it isn’t fighting. Source:

  6. Julissa Reply:

    Sores on scalp. I have these sore spots do I get rid of on my scalp. What are they and how them? I find myself wanting to pick at them. Help!

  7. Ashley Reply:

    Kenzi, You havent found the right doctor! If you have insurance, and you have a primary doctor, CHANGE DOCTORS! You need a doctor who cares about you! What I really recommend, and you might need a referral from your primary, is for you to see a psychiatrist! Not because youre crazy! Because they are the smartest doctors (they go to school an extra 4 years) and they know how to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, especially for someone like you, because you have so many problems! A psychiatrist will know how to help you! Ive seen them work miracles time and time again, and I dont even believe in miracles!It sounds to me like you have TMJ for sure, which I know is HORRIBLE! Your dentist should have referred you to a TMJ specialist, or you just have to find one on your own!Im hoping you have a mother and/or father who support you! If not, find an older friend or relative who will come with you to see any doctor! Its not necessary for a psychiatrist, but for all other doctors youll get much more respect and better overall service if an older relative comes with you into the small room with the doctor! This person can vouch for you, ask pertinent questions, and take notes! Believe me, I know what Im talking about!So you need to: 1) change primary doctors2) get a referral to a psychiatrist and/or TMJ specialistI wish you the very best of luck, Kenzi! :) :)

  8. Zofia Reply:

    Can a sinus infection make your scalp sore? No but it can make you more pron to notice what other pains you are having. A sinus infection can also cause a

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