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What is the best birth control pill?

The Ortho Tri Cyclen pill is a favorite with virtually no acne, no cramps and lighter more regular periods! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Deborah Reply:

    How to Choose the Best Birth Control Pill. Selecting a type of birth control is a highly personal decision. When it comes to birth control pills, the options are Source:

  2. Mirna Reply:

    I used to take yazmin for the pill . I had a hard time to take it everyday so i changed to a nuva ring the best birth control i ever had .. its very nice You put it 21 days in you after you take it out for 7 days and you repeat the 21 days

  3. Patti Reply:

    Generally birth control pills are 99% effective for preventing pregnancy. However, there is always still a chance that you can get pregnant. Simply missing a pill or being on antibiotics can weaken the effect of the pill. Source:

  4. Veronika Reply:

    Birth control pills are hormonal pills that a woman can take to prevent pregnancy. They are prescribed by a doctor and must be taken exactly as described. Look here for more information:… Source:

  5. Katherine Reply:

    The birth control pill is a form of contraception used by females. It has a successful protection rate against pregnancy of 99% when used properly. Source:

  6. Tami Reply:

    Is the acne pill Diane-35 a birth control pill as well? Can someone give some information on it.?

  7. Ila Reply:

    That is something you ask your doctor! They need to assess if you have any health problems that would interfere! Are you responsible?? Can you remember to take a pill at the same time everyday?? Or are you too active and busy to remember and would the patch, implant, shot, or ring be better?? Im on the ring and loving it!

  8. Shelby Reply:

    If by "best" you mean most reliable, then the best method of birth control not involving the pill is a vasectomy (male sterilization), with a 99.85% annual success

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