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What is the white stuff comes out of a zit?

From a small red dot to large, pus-filled cysts!!!acne has many forms! The white stuff is pus! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Aretha Reply:

    Walking around with a pimple on showcase is too great a social burden to carry. Here is how, and Never, ever attempt to pop a small pimple that is not full of white stuff. Pushing a pimple How to Pop Pimples That Come to a Head. Learn how to A pimple can pop up out of nowhere and ruin your day. You can learn to Source:

  2. Florence Reply:

    The white stuff from zits is pus, a collection of dead skin cells, white blood cells called neutrophils, and some bacteria.

  3. Maryam Reply:

    The white stuff in zits is mainly oil. If the oil accumulates melanin or becomes oxidized, it becomes a blackhead. Source:

  4. Juli Reply:

    Pimples and blackheads are filled with a mixture of dead skin cells and sebum, an oily substance found in the skin. Source:

  5. Lucile Reply:

    Pus is the yellowish fluid that comes from inflamed or infected tissue. It is often found in zits. Thanks. Source:

  6. Mafalda Reply:

    would it be better to leave stuff in it or have a zit with the white it all red.?

  7. Susie Reply:


  8. Lu Reply:

    Believe it or not , the white stuff that comes out of zits, are actually good for the zit. It's the naturaul way zits go away, its technically your body trying to get rid of

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