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Why can’t i clear my skin? Why can’t i clear my skin?

Crazy Kim Kardashian Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kamilah Reply:

    How to Keep My Skin Clear. Your skin is usually the first thing people notice about you. The face is especially prone to breakouts that can be quite embarrassing. Source:

  2. Wynell Reply:

    In the morning my skin looked much better. Over time, I perfected the process and my skin cleared completely. I cannot make this point strongly enough. 2.

  3. Stacee Reply:

    The best way to get clear skin overnight is to wash it mild soap and then use a medicated topical cream (something with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide). Source:

  4. Harmony Reply:

    I would suggest that you wash your face daily and keep your skin properly. Also, drink more water and less soda and juices and I am sure your skin will be clearer. Source:

  5. Williemae Reply:

    Getting clean skin can be as easy as making a few changes. You could drink more water, try some anti acne face creams and washes, take birth control pills, touch your face less and change your make up to a non-comodenic variety. Although fo… Source:

  6. Mei Reply:

    Is there any proven methods or 15, the last two years they products that clear skin from skin? Im 18 and ive had spots and maintain the clear spots since i was around have bee

  7. Ricki Reply:

    There are a few reasons why peoples skin breaks out and why it breaks out in some kind of cycle! A couple that could be causing challenges for your skin are: 1) Biochemical imbalance—acne generally appears as a result of an overproduction of sebum, oil produced by the sebaceous glands! Hormonally influenced, sebum production can increase during puberty and often cyclically with females of any age and even males have hormonal cycles! Sebums greasy characteristics mean it can attract acne-promoting bacteria and give rise to pimples or blackheads2) Nutritional intake—if you are female and find yourself eating a few more cookies, chips or donuts before your periods, then those foods could be contributing to your acne in a couple of ways as well! If you are male and find you eat poorly at certain times, say in response to stress, that poor foods can also contribute to acne! First, an intake of refined carbohydrates can produce insulin surges and insulin-like growth factors that in turn can lead to an excess of the male hormones—androgens—that cause skin cells to secrete sebum (and thus the big cycle with that oil attracting bacteria and creating pimples/blackheads)! Additionally, excessive intake of unhealthy fats, proteins and sugar can cause some of the bodys organs (i!e! liver, digestive organs) to become overloaded! As those organs are less able to keep up with their purifying and detoxifying tasks, the skin—our bodys largest elimination organ—is called in to help!All this to say, there are likely contributing factors to your pimples that you can have some control over, thus have control over whether or not you get them (at least in the volume/size/length of time they last)! So what do you do????Best bet is to tackle it from the inside (i!e! nutrition) as well as with helpful organic products on the outside! Eating lots of veggies, drinking lots of water (and no other beverages such as pop, juices, milk) and avoiding refined sugars and grains (and maybe dairy; some people do not do well on dairy with regard to their skin) helps, as can some natural acne cures like dabbing breakouts with organic coconut oil (with or without a sprinkle of turmeric in it)! Im a holistic nutritionist and I also often recommend the Miessence Certified Organic Purifying line to my clients with acne! In combination with healthy dietary change they see very good results! Good luck and hang in there! You can have healthy skin!

  8. Lorinda Reply:

    And I also have tried putting soy sauce on my face, that works too. But you can also drink things that make your skin clear up, and if you drink them continuously,

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