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Why do some zits hurt?

An acne cyst is pus-filled, and has a diameter of 5mm or more across! They can be very painful! Don’t squeeze them! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Shanel Reply:

    Acne affects 80 percent of people from age 11 to age 30, and some people keep having breakouts Not only are they usually the largest and most obvious zits, they also hurt. Luckily, you can treat inflamed pimples and make them vanish. Source:

  2. Zana Reply:

    Pimples are general inflammation of the skin, sometimes the nerves can get inflamed as well causing pain.

  3. Tona Reply:

    Severe acne may have deep cysts that are infected. These are the pimples that tend to cause pain. Source:

  4. Allena Reply:

    Hi, Claus here! Zits hurt because the puss under the skin is applying pressure to the skins surface. Take care! Source:

  5. Delpha Reply:

    Two basic types of pimples exist: whiteheads and blackheads. The base of a pimple forms when oil gets trapped under the skin and bacteria begins to feed on the oils. This results in red and inflamed skin. Eventually the oil builds up creati… Source:

  6. Bibi Reply:

    Zits hurt and won’t pop ! Help me !!? so i have a zit fast way to make it . and I can’t pop it. does anyone know a really on my chin , it’s really red and it hurts stop hurtin

  7. Shanda Reply:

    because they begin inside a pore or follicle, and these are pretty tiny openings not meant to stretch! When an infection (pimple) begins it is in the shape of a ball stuck in a tiny tube that by the way has nerves in it too and you can feel the inflamation to the nerve ending in the pore or folllicle! Its a good thing because you can begin to treat even before you see it! Put on a dab of AD cream (white), not ointment (yellow looks like vasaline), this can be found in the baby section, with diaper rash creams, dont laugh it works! Leave it on till dry 2 times a day and remove with warm water and a soft cloth! No need to scrub! If you are getting several piples at a time maybe stress or horemones (that time of the month) you can do a mask with this cream! Use a thin layer all oer your face except eyelids and lips, let it dry for 2 hours and rinse off with warm water and a soft cloth, pat dry and add oil free moistuizer! Have a beautiful day,

  8. Kaye Reply:

    This simply occurs because some zits or pimples are really deep in your skin, thus making them sore. I suggest using some sort of tea tree oil or acne medication

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