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Why does white stuff come out the pores on my nose when I push up on it?

This is typical in people having acne!Known as ‘whiteheads’ these pimples eject white/yellow puss when popped! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bruno Brown Reply:

    I have been cleaning my large nose by squeezing the skin between two index finger nails and watch out, comes out by the boat load,lots of look alike white snakes apply gentle pressure and keep on going till all clear,once or twice a month works for me and my big nose. hope this helps

  2. Clay B Dixon Reply:

    Try holding your face over a pot of boiling water every day for 15 minutes. Make sure you use eye mask. You will need to let your nose get as close as possible to the steam, without burn yourself. Give yourself a oil removing facial twice a week. After cleaning your face and especial your nose with a oil removing cleanser, not soap. Use Witch Hazel to close your pores back up. You may,also, buy yourself skin tightener cream or lotion or serum. Follow up with a oil free sun-screen moisturizer. This is a routine you need to keep-up indifferently. Along with a low fat or non-fat diet, with plenty of leafy vegetables. Drink at least 32 oz of water per day. Water flushes any and most impurities from your body. Stay away from sugary drinks,and alcohol beverages,they are damaging to your skin. Alcohol causes discoloration to the skin and more harmful issues. Sugar is,also, very damaging to our skin, it playground in your stomach and your entire body for worms and other parasites to indulge. Also, try eating lean cuts of meat. It might help if you hire a dietitian and dermatologist. A Dietitian can help you with appropriate diet plan that can fit your specific needs. A Dermatologist specialists in skin disorder of every kind. If you don’t have a sever case of skin issues you can use some of the suggestion I stated early in this answer.

  3. Malice Reply:

    My nose releases yellow stuff when i push it up and I dont know why. Each time I remove it,it comes back and is now spreading to my cheeks.I did a study and also found them on my chin please help.

  4. Demia Reply:

    It’s built up oil and warms which is called whiteheads … Just push up your nose every week they go away

  5. Sebastien Reply:

    Answer #7 is best answer. The others are true but imply infection. One can have this waxy or white discharge with out infection being present. Btw I’ve personally noticed that it subsides as one ages .

  6. Elisa Reply:

    Some people have severe acne, while others get break-outs a few times a year. Pimples can pop up on your nose, your forehead, your back, your chest, Things You'll Need. Ice; lemon juice; cotton ball; cotton swab; milk of magnesia; White toothpaste Press an ice pack to your pimple as soon as you see it appear. Source:

  7. Willetta Reply:

    Why does white stuff come out the pores on my nose when I push up on it? ChaCha Answer: This is typical in people having acne.Known a

  8. Cristina Reply:

    That is sebum, the fatty secretion of sebaceous glands. It accumulates in the pores & becomes hardened, forming whiteheads. Regular deep pore cleansing helps to discourages whiteheads. They should never be removed forcibly, as infection may… Source:'s-pores-when-i-squeeze-his-nose

  9. Leola Reply:

    The white ‘stuff’ is white blood cells(puss) sent to deal with the infection. Source:

  10. Roslyn Reply:

    Those would be whiteheads, which are follicles that are filled with the same material, but have only a microscopic opening to the skin surface. Since the air cannot reach the follicle, the material is not oxidized, and remains white. Source:

  11. Elaina Reply:

    i have large pores on my in them..? i go 4 regular clean nose with white stuff filled ups, apply astringent but still they keep on recurring.. help me..

  12. Coretta Reply:

    Remember that a pore is just the drainage opening of the sebaceous (oil) glands! The oil glands are constantly producing yellow oil, which goes into the ducts and then to the surface of the pore, where it interacts with the air and gets oxidized and turns dark! Provided that there is no block in the duct, this is normally how your skin oils itself and moisturizes itself! So, basically, what you are seeing is your normal, clear skin! But when you squeeze the skin, the oil that is already in the duct will be forced upwards, and that is the worm that you are seeing! Also, if you look closely at the worm, you should see that the end that comes out first is darker than the rest of the worm and that is the part that got oxidized and darkened! As I said, this is normal skin! However, some people dont like seeing the dark dots, so for them, the use of Biore strips every three days or so, should control your problem!

  13. Pamela Reply:

    What does it mean when white stuff comes out of your nose when you As to the stuff that comes out of the pores when you squeeze the skin, its oil built up in

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