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How Many Seeds are in a Watermelon

You may have similar questions as How Many Seeds Are in an Apple and How To Preserve Watermelon Seeds,or you may also seek several useful information about How Many Seeds Are in an Orange. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Number of Seeds in a Watermelon,too. Read more as following:

Watermelon is a flowering plant that produces a special type of fruit which is pepo, a berry, which has a thick ring and fleshy rind and fleshy center. There are approximately 300 to 350 seeds in one watermelon fruit.

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How many seeds are in an apple?

Some apples have no seeds, other apples have up to 10 seeds, but the average is 5 seeds per apple. Unless you’re asking about Apple computers. I’m pretty sure they are all seedless…. More »

How to preserve watermelon seeds?

1. Choosing the right Melon. Watermelons should be slightly overripe when harvesting their seeds for storage. Take the fruit when it is just past the point of where you’d want to eat it and clean the seeds out of the fruit. This is a great way to rec… More »

How many seeds are in an orange?

An orange is a citrus, and citrus are considered berries because they have many seeds…… More »

How to germinate watermelon seeds?

1. Place potting soil in each cell of the seed starting tray. Water well until the soil is saturated. Let the tray sit for 24 hours to allow the moisture content to stabilize. 2. Set the temperature of the heating mat to 85 degrees F, and place the s… More »

How many seeds are in a banana?

There are no seeds. New banana trees are "born" when the shoots of cuttings are planted in the ground…. More »

When to Plant Watermelon Seeds

Watermelons are synonymous with summer, and having the melons in the garden ready to eat at the right time is key. Watermelons come in all different sizes, and the size of the melon will determine how long it takes to mature. August is the typical ha… More »

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  1. Boom! says:

    Plants such as pumkin seeds, watermelon seeds, and those hunking veggies.

  2. Phoebe says:

    They tell me at the grocery stores that they stopped selling seeded watermelons ( which are on average .10 cents a pound cheaper) because no one like dealing with the seeds. For that much savings, I’d spit seeds all day!!! What’s your answer?

  3. Babygirl says:

    When I cut into the seeded watermelon, the “meat” was pink instead of the usual red.

  4. Kahurangi says:

    To me the texture and taste are different/and of course, they’re smaller. So why is it practically impossible to buy the seeded watermelons?

  5. Cassandra Pace says:

    I have collected my Spaqhetti squash seeds, zuchini seeds, watermelon and cantalope seeds, as well as my cucumbers and pepper seeds. Am I am going to too much trouble, is it worth it ?

  6. Sawyer says:

    How I slice mine: I slice sections off at a time and then cut the big slice into four to six pieces. Easier to eat without it getting all over you face lol! I was just wondering. I would say its 3 lbs watermelon but its a guess. (seedless) It seems the seeded watermelon are bigger? Do you agree?

  7. Kenny says:

    Watermelon grow from seeds. Watermelon did not magically poof on the planet in full form. The Earth grows them. The Earth grew humans. You were grown. By Earth. Earth is your mother.

  8. Larreh says:

    Oranges have seeds. Watermelons have seeds. Grapes have seeds. How is grass seed produced? Does grass make seeds ? How can I make grass seed? I am tired of paying outrageous prices for seed. Ridiculous! Someone is making a fortune off of grass seed and something needs to be done about it!

  9. Taylor91 says:

    Why is it that supermarkets seem to only offer seedless watermelons anymore? Seeded watermelons are much better tasting than underripe seedless melons. I think this latest trend is just another indication of the further wussification of America.

  10. Emz1988 says:

    My mother always told me that it’s bad to eat black watermelon seeds because watermelon will grow in your stomach, however it’s ok to eat the white ones. Why are the black ones bad?

  11. Anp_15 says:

    I like to eat watermelon, but it is annoying when there are seeds in it

    How come God had Seeds in Watermelon

  12. Unreal says:

    Hi, I am really worried because I accidentally ate seeds of watermelon. I heard that watermelon seed will grow in stomach and can it cause appendix?

  13. Sami says:

    I was just eating a slice of juicy watermelon just now and just came to this realization. WHY are there white and dark brown seeds in watermelons? Is there a difference between th seeds? or are the white things seeds at all?

    Thanks :)

  14. Sarah Pierson says:

    I accidentally ate a black seed from my watermelon. I can feel something moving in my stomach. I’m not sure if it’s a watermelon or not.

  15. Justin says:

    Hey, I just gave my dog some seedless watermelon, it was devod of black seeds, but has white seeds.

    Are the white seeds in the watermelon safe for dogs?

    Why are the seeds bad for dogs anyway, wont they crap them out?

  16. Cayden Robbind says:

    I’m really worried because I have been gaining weight recently and I believe I may have accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed. I am very worried because I do not have the financial stability to take care of a watermelon.

  17. Aadilah says:


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