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Can you get drunk off NyQuil?

Nyquil does contain alcohol! While the amount is small, so are the children it’s given to, thus they can get drunk from it! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Hector Reply:

    I believe it was a coors or coors light

  2. Usha Reply:

    If you are pregnant, the occasional use of Neo Citran will not cause any harm to NyQuil products contain a powerful combination of ingredients that includes Source:

  3. Una Reply:

    Yes. Nyquil contains 10% alcohol and DXM which is even worse.. If you take the normal dose, you will just be tired.. If you take double, you will be buzzed.. If you take triple, you will get drunk.. take much more, your askin for trouble! N

  4. Jimmy Reply:

    You’re all liars. Nyquil maybe contains 10% alcohol tops so drinking an entire bottle of it is the equivalent of having half a glass of wine. It does however contain a lot of other things which can be harmful when taken in large doses. So t… Source:

  5. Chaya Reply:

    You should not drink NyQuil, as it could potentially kill you. Although it has alcohol in it, it will just make u pass out. Cha! Source:

  6. Shiloh Reply:

    NyQuil does have a percentage of alcohol in it but it is not recommended to take an irregular dosage. It can cause liver failure. Source:

  7. Malinda Reply:

    what works faster nyquil tablets or the nyquil liquid medicine?

  8. Jina Reply:

    Are you a seasoned drinker or a tea totaler Im guessing the second, going by the name of your avatar!If you dont drink alcohol (at all) and use Nyquil you will get a little tipsy!This happened to me once, I started getting a buzz and I didnt know why, because Ive been clean for over 5 years! Then I noticed the bottle of Nyquil cough syrup that I had taken earlier, checked the label of ingredients and , sure enough, !!!!!alcohol!I consider it an accident and not a relapse for my program!

  9. Frederica Reply:

    What can you get drunk off of? You can get drunk off of almost any liquid. Can you get drunk off of NyQuil? Just tried it, yep, you can! What beer did ET get drunk

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