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Can you get drunk or high off of Nyquil?

You wouldnt get drunk there is only 20% alcohol, and that is not even an active ingredient! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Somer Reply:

    If you are pregnant, the occasional use of Neo Citran will not cause any harm to NyQuil products contain a powerful combination of ingredients that includes Source:

  2. Sharleen Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Yes. Nyquil is 25% alcohol, so if you drink more of it, then you’ll get drunk.

  3. Lakeshia Reply:

    Although some people experiment with amounts of Nyquil to try to get high, there is no safe amount over the recommended dosage. Source:

  4. Donnetta Reply:

    Depending on body weight and drug tolerance the amount of any drug or alcohol needed to induce a high will vary. Source:

  5. Tess Reply:

    NyQuil does have a percentage of alcohol in it but it is not recommended to take an irregular dosage. It can cause liver failure. Source:

  6. Cathrine Reply:

    High off nyquil pills? Look I’m tired, I want to go to know the answer to my it take to get me question. How many nyquil pills will sleep but I can’t because I just want to h

  7. Aron Reply:

    the ingredient in the cough syrup that has the most effects on people is dextromethorphan! Dxm for short, it can cause hallucinations, delusions and disassociation! It is a very dangerous drug to ingest in amounts high enough to have the desired effects! The Dxm actually decreases your brain mass EVERY TIME YOU TAKE IT! not to mention that all the other ingredients in the cough syrup will really mess your liver up! i have taken the cough syrup recreationally and i can tell you from experience that if you keep taking it your brain will never be at the capacity it was! so stop now please

  8. Josephina Reply:

    Can you get high off NyQuil? to the amount of antihistamines in Nyquil, you would overdose before you got really drunk. It CAN make you feel high or drunk.

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