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Can you give blood after you drink alcohol?

No you shouldn’t give blood after you drink since the alcohol is in your blood they can’t use it and it may be dangerous for you! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Deloris Reply:

    When you donate a pint of blood, you can save up to three people's lives. Avoid strenuous activity or heavy lifting for at least five hours after you give blood. My I also add to this excellent article not to drink any alcoholic beverages the night Source:

  2. Felisha Reply:

    It is said that you should not drink alcohol within 48 hours of donating.

  3. Carmina Reply:

    It is said that you should not drink alcohol within 48 hours of donating. Source:

  4. Alecia Reply:

    Black coffee is the way to sober up after drinking alcohol. Drinking water can also help to rehydrate you. Some people also swear by eating greasy food to soak up the liquor, or bacon because of its amino acids. Regardless, be sure not to d… Source:

  5. Charlene Reply:

    It is advised to not consume alcohol for 24 hours because your blood volume is lowers after donating blood. Source:

  6. Jan Reply:

    I feel like crap. I cant get rid of this diarrhea, and Ive never pukes up blood, it was such a small amount but Im freaked.

  7. Shawanda Reply:

    To be safe, I would suggest that you wait at least 48 hours between giving blood and drinking! So you should be fine, but do be careful!!

  8. Mechelle Reply:

    Can you drink alcohol night before donating blood? No, We must not consume alcohol 48 hrs before donation and 24 Hours after donation. Otherwise, the blood

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