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Can you put rubbing alcohol on a cat?

Van Lienden suggests cleaning the outer part of the ear canal and the inside of the ear flap with a small amount of rubbing alcohol after applying medications to treat an ear infection! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Josphine Reply:

    Can You Put Rubbing Alcohol on a Dog to Stop Licking?. Dogs lick for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is a compulsive behavior or habit with no specific cause Source:

  2. Alecia Reply:

    The use of rubbing alcohol to treat cat injuries is not only acceptable, but it is recommended in certain situations. For example, on the website for

  3. Cordie Reply:

    Answer you will have some stomach cramps and might throw up a little bit but it wont kill you or anything. So dont really be frightened. to be safe you must drink 1 bottled water Source:

  4. Jimmy Reply:

    doesn’t make sense; alchohol evaporates and burns quickly and the only thing left over is the chemical stabilizers to burn with the weed and they are just adding more chemicals to their smoke than the thc; maybe they are goofy anyways Source:

  5. Saundra Reply:

    Rubbing alcohol is poisonous. Source:

  6. Belen Reply:

    Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean my CPU and remove? Too lazy to buy a thermal grease with rubbing alcohol high-purity isopropyl alcohol…. Can I use rubbing alcohol (from a

  7. Thao Reply:

    Please do NOT use it! See article below for information regarding its toxicity for cats!Me… kittyslave23… I know my place!

  8. Lura Reply:

    Rubbing alcohol is not wood alcohol, or methanol (which makes you blind at 10mL and dead at 30mL). drank some. and she had a stroke and had to be put in a resthome. if I can remember. Can a cat get sick if they drink rubbing alcohol?

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