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Does alcohol slow your heart rate?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that works to slow down the heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and slow your breathing rate! Once your brain has been depressed enough by the alcohol, you pass out! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nikita Reply:

    Alcohol affects the body much in the same way a sedative would, but it does not go through regular digestion, It also controls your breathing and heart rate. Source:

  2. Delta Reply:

    Jan 11, 2005 Although eating will slow down the body’s process of absorption, the alcohol will still end up in your bloodstream – and the higher the level of alcohol in the heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and slow your breathing rate.

  3. Nikia Reply:

    Rapid heart rate or also called tachycardia is a part of many people’s life. The symptoms for this condition vary from anxiety and panic attack to other serious diseases like asthma, heart failure or hyperthyroidism. Talking to your doctor … Source:

  4. Marielle Reply:

    If we overexert ourselves or do a lot of exercise then our heart rate will increase. Focusing on long deep breaths and remaining calm can help to slow down your heart rate. Source:

  5. Telma Reply:

    Deep breathing and meditation can slow your heart rate. There are also biofeedback methods that are used. and can be learning which can aid in slowing down heart rate. Source:

  6. Candy Reply:

    i am 6.1 weekpregnant.foetus heart rate is 99/mindoctors says it is to improve the heart beat rate? i have no other diseases. how to increase the heart beat rate?baby

  7. Hope Reply:

    alcohol wont increase your heart rate or breathing! however if you were to get drunk and then start dancing!! your heart rate and breathing would increase but not due to the alcohol itself but instead the dancing!!!! remember even if a person hadnt consumed any alcohol their heart rate and breathing would still increase if they were to start dancing!

  8. Lexie Reply:

    My advice, don't mess with trying stuff to lower your heart rate when the fast rate was induced by drugs that can kill you in an instant. I know that mixing alcohol

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