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Does alcoholism make your nose big?

No, Alcoholism will not make your nose big, However chronic alcohol consumption can cause malnutrition though! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lise Reply:

    A bulbous nose is actually a condition called rhinophyma, in which a person's When this happens, the nose becomes bulbous and takes on a large, red appearance. Extreme heat or cold can make rosacea worse. While a bulbous nose is usually associated with drinking and alcoholism, this is usually not the case. Source:

  2. Milissa Reply:

    The skin beneath your eyes is very thin, which can make the color of blood vessels Allergies cause congestion around your nose and eyes, which can result in The Mayo Clinic also suggests refraining or reducing your intake of alcohol

  3. Carletta Reply:

    Blood Flow, Source:

  4. Delta Reply:

    Because of high blood pressure. Alcohol will definitely increase blood pressure. An alcoholic will stay with a red nose. They are slowly killing themselves. Source:

  5. Windy Reply:

    You nose probably isn’t as big as you think it is. Your nose can be an inherited trait. Also, if you have broken it, it may have developed a large bump. Source:

  6. Particia Reply:

    How to make my nose seem and it bothers me because smaller??!! i think my nose is a water faucet? like my nose is sort to big and looks like of huge when i smile i like smilin

  7. Stasia Reply:

    Ignore the first comment, I found it griping and really good, especially when the dialogue starts!I think you try a little too hard at the start though :)

  8. Catherina Reply:

    Since the skin in the nose is both thin across the cartilage and also has a lot of glands, the buildup there actually changes the shape of the nose. Is there any way to make your nipples smaller? Why do alcoholics have big red noses?

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