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Does drinking make your eyes dilate?

Yes, alcohol does make your pupils dilate more! Thanks for doing the ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dorcas Reply:

    Pupil dilation is when the size of the pupils increase; the ring of color around An optometrist or ophthalmologist dilates your eyes with liquid medicine so she can get a full view of the inside of your. What Happens to Pupils When Drinking ? Source:

  2. Eleanora Reply:

    Usulllay your pupils don’t dialate when you get drunkThats why if you get pulled over for suspicion of drinkingthey shine a light in your eyes.

  3. Mckenzie Reply:

    There are many street drugs that can make the eyes dilate. When you use the eye drops to get the red out of your eyes it will also make your eyes dilate as well. Drugs such as methamphetamine, and LSD will make your eyes dilated. For more i… Source:

  4. Katrina Reply:

    Eyes dilate in response to the amount of light there is. If they didn’t we would have much difficulty in seeing in very bright or dark light. Eyes will also dilate when we see someone we love and from certain medications. Source:

  5. Constance Reply:

    Eyes dilate as a way of letting you see better. As an example when it’s dark, your pupils dilate to better adjust to seeing in the dark. Same concept as when you walk outside or in a lighted room. The pupils get smaller so you aren’t taking… Source:

  6. Jonelle Reply:

    do allergy drops make you eyes dilate?

  7. Myrle Reply:

    Generally speaking, a stimulant will cause pinhole pupils! A depressant will cause large pupils! Alcohol is a depressant! So is death!

  8. Patti Reply:

    Energy drinks have a lot of sugar, which contains calories. Calories supply little bursts of energy, so that you will have enough for whatever activity you are doing

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