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How do you know if someone has alcohol poisoning?

Confusion, stupor, Vomiting, Seizures, Slow breathing, Blue-tinged skin or pale skin, Low body temperature, or Unconsciousness! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lasonya Reply:

    How to Tell if a Person is an Alcoholic. Alcoholism 1 cause of alcohol poisoning, a condition in which a person has ingested more alcohol than the How Do I Source:

  2. Henrietta Reply:

    If the person is breathing less than thirteen times per minute or stops breathing for periods of eight seconds or more, CALL 9-1-1. If the person is asleep and you are unable to wake him/her up, CALL 9-1-1.

  3. Lore Reply:

    Alcohol poisoning is caused by drink a huge and excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time. Also, drinking on an empty stomach can make you succeptible for alcohol poisoning. Source:

  4. Cassey Reply:

    Alcohol poisoning is much more dangerous than intoxication. A person with true alcohol poisoning needs to be treated by a physician as soon as possible. Some treatments can include stomach pumping or IV fluids. Treat alcohol poisoning as an… Source:

  5. Yadira Reply:

    Assess your own ability to help a drunk friend. Unless you’re a designated driver, chances are if a friend of yours has been drinking, you have as well. The most clear headed person among the group should be making decisions. Know the warni… Source:

  6. Delorse Reply:

    Is it possible to give a tick alcohol poisoning before you my leg just this morning have alcohol poisoning yourself? I had a tick on, and because the tick uses my blood to fee

  7. Rolanda Reply:

    you cant really tell, its hard to saydrink one for Rex

  8. Lonna Reply:

    How can you tell if someone has alcohol poisoning? If a person smells of alcohol, is unconscious, and cannot be roused, you must assume alcohol poisoning.

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